Flu Shots and Christmas!!

Are you excited?? It’s nearly Christmas. Though where I live, it is just now getting chilly outside. I hope that everyone who uses oxygen has had their flu shot. They say that the flu shot is a pretty good match for the strain of flu that’s going around heavily this year. So, that’s great news!! I’m sure we all know that getting the flu shot will not prevent you from getting sick but at least, if you are going to get sick (and let’s pray hard that you don’t), with the flu shot, it will help you to not get as sick as you might without it. I am a diehard fan of the flu shot. I get mine every year. No exceptions.

If you are living with someone who uses oxygen, please get a flu shot. If  not for your benefit, think of the one who’s using oxygen in your home. It’s really important to keep yourself as healthy as possible around the person you care for. My husband tries his best to stay away from those who are sick and comes home from work and makes sure he washes his hands. Why is that important, you ask? Because germs spread and a case of the flu for me could mean possible death. We take it seriously around here.

Now who’s excited about Christmas? I can’t wait because I really look forward to seeing my family. This year the family decided against gift giving. However, my husband and I went to the mall (yuck, I hate the mall!) to the Salvation Army Christmas Angel Tree and picked two children (Angels) to buy for. It’s so fun and very rewarding to know that we’re helping a few children have a happy Christmas.

Please stay warm and healthy during this Winter season. And FOLLOW my blog.

Our 2012 Christmas Tree!

Our 2012 Christmas Tree!