Fireplaces & Oxygen

Remember that those who use oxygen are usually more sensitive to smoke from a fireplace and/or cigarette smoke. If you are having a family gathering for a holiday, please remember the person who uses oxygen. First and foremost, people who use oxygen should NOT smoke and unhealthy. It’s dangerous. Oxygen must be kept at a minimum distance of 5 feet from an open flame.

For me, I’m very sensitive to even the smell of burning wood (even a grill causes me problems!). It irritates my lungs and causes difficulty breathing. My family doesn’t even light the fireplace when I’m in their home. Sometimes, if they have a fireplace that has glass doors that can be closed which keeps the smell within the fireplace, I can tolerate being around one. I fully believe that holidays or family get-togethers should always be as enjoyable as possible for everyone who comes. So, if you need to do a little extra for that person who uses oxygen, do it and they will appreciate it. The oxygen user probably won’t speak up saying they are having problems from the fireplace. Please ask them if they need you to do anything with the fireplace to make them more comfortable. Afterall, being on oxygen is hard enough.