New Year’s Resolution, anyone?

Living On Oxygen for Life

Picking a New Year’s Resolution for the year of 2013 is tough stuff. First of all, do I believe in them? Will I follow through with the resolution and not give up? I can always make one that’s simple. Such as, eat less salt! Being on Oxygen requires me to use diuretics which means eating less sodium. I don’t need any extra sodium in my body because the diuretic medication is something that gets rid of the excess fluid. Making that kind of resolution would be a benefit to be sure but I kind of already do that anyway.  I’ve got to be a good patient, right?

The year of 2013 will be a bit different. I want to be an even MORE giving person. You already know I love crocheting. I’m currently heavy into making crocheted afghan. What I want to do is create a special “Christine Afghan” to give away to someone who needs a ray of hope or happiness. With health permitting, I hope to accomplish this goal. I’m almost finished with an afghan that’s similar to the one that I made for my Mother-in-law (see HOBBIES in the menu above). I hope to give it away to someone soon. These afghans are a little piece of me that hopefully will live on for a long time.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic, safe, and warm New Year’s!

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution, anyone?

  1. I have known you for a while through Marsha. I think you’re the most wonderful person God has put on this earth and I am so glad my daughter has a friend like you, if no one ever says it. And your afghans are so pretty. love, vickie
    p.s those are very good pic

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