Born with Scoliosis

Living On O2 for Life

Christine's Scoliosis X-ray

Since reading the post: Why I Use Oxygen, you know that I have scoliosis. I was born with it and it was very obvious to the doctors that I have scoliosis. Some people may have been born with it but it was so slight that it isn’t detected until later in life.

I was born with a 71 degree curvature according to the measurements taken March 9, 1973, measuring from T1 to T10. My scoliosis was so severe that wearing just a Milwaukee Back brace would not improve my spine significantly enough without surgery to fuse vertabras. However, before I could be cleared to have any surgery, I had to be consulted by a cardiac specialist. Not only was I born with Scoliosis, I had major cardiac problems. The walls that separate the Atrial and Ventricle chambers had holes in them. Oxygenated blood was being flooded with un-oxygenated blood because of those holes.

After being cleared for surgery by my cardiologist, I had my first spinal fusion. I woke up in Halo Traction at the young age of 3 years old. And yes, I remember it.

Now that you just read a little bit about my childhood, know that I completely understand that life can be difficult at times. Believe me. I truly know. Below is an x-ray of my scoliosis. I’d like to close this post with this advice: When life is hard, don’t forget how to smile. Find something: a person, a memory, a place or a silly joke that makes you smile. When someone sees you smile, you are giving them a gift that can be returned. 


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