Traveling and using oxygen?

Living On Oxygen for Life

I am constantly looking for ways to travel with Oxygen. I have a very limited way to travel but others who use oxygen can hop on planes, trains, cars and even on cruises. How do you arrange oxygen on a cruise?? Well, I found a website called Sea Puffers Pulmonary Cruises & Vacations who cater specifically to oxygen users. I’m truly intrigued by this possibility!  Unfortunately, my husband gets extremely sea sick. So, no cruises for us! I’d love to try a train vacation though. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Who has done either types of vacations? Let me know your experience while taking oxygen on your vacations.

There are a limited amount of oxygen providers who actually service nationwide. One that I know of is called Lincare. When I go on roadtrip, I use Lincare since they are located nationwide and they are the ones who provide my liquid oxygen. You just need to give them at least a 2 weeks advanced notice with your itinerary and the places where you think you will need oxygen refills. They arrange for the Lincare refills in those areas and it gets billed as if you are at home getting refilled. I have no cost out of my pocket for my liquid oxygen needs. It’s great and personally, I feel like this is how it should be for the quality of life that I deserve.

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