This past weekend…

Living On Oxygen for Life

I have been in such a writing mood lately! Isn’t it great? I even made some Vistaprint “business cards” representing this blog. I intend to hand them out to people who approach me asking about my oxygen. Many of them know of someone who has oxygen needs. So, I just want to offer them a way to learn more about using oxygen if they are a first-timer or if they are just curious.

This weekend was so fun but very tiring. My older sister came down with her nearly 3 year daughter and my husband and I got to babysit for about 4 hours. There is NO way I could have babysat on my own. I don’t have enough energy stored away for that kind of activity. My niece is one bundle of energy. My sister and her family stayed the night with us which was a blessing because it’s hard for me to travel to visit with them. After they left to go home, I crashed hard! I think I napped for 4 hours. Then I got up to take my diuretic, potassium, Symbicort and Tracleer medications. When the diuretic cleared through my system (two whole hours later), I crashed again. I’m not ashamed to take a nap. I know better to ignore my body. If I didn’t get the rest I need, I tend to get too tired. If that happens, my body fights falling asleep and then I will be so messed up. I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep which can lead to respiratory distress.

I’d like to share with you a subject for one of my next postings that is dear to me.  It’s important to realize that the closest people in your life (spouses, parents, or significant others) are going through challenging times while living with someone who has physical limitations.  They may not walk in your shoes but they have their own unique challenges as they live with or are related to you as they try to understand what you go through on a daily basis. With the next blog posting, I’d like to let you know how my husband copes with my health condition. We can’t ever forget about how their coping is important to those of us who have health problems as well as themselves. I’ll do my best to talk about it. It’s a difficult subject but it’s one that needs to be out in the open. Both for the shoe wearer and the one who cares for them.

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