Living On Oxygen for Life

I gotta tell you… I’m tired. My day started out like the usual day. I roll out of bed after being attacked with puppy kisses. He loves squirming in near to flop either next to me in bed or lying his neck across my neck. Yeah, it kind of makes it hard for me to breathe but the love from him is worth the difficulty. lol! Anyway, after grumbling a bit about not wanting to get out of bed, I do it anyway to start my day. I know I have errands I had to get done but should I do them first or take my medicine first (which includes my dreaded diuretic)? Ok ok… I was a good girl and took my medicine first but I crocheted while it took its 2 hour long process of working its magic of ridding me of excess fluid in my body. So, YEA for less fluid retention!

I finally kicked myself out the door to get my errands done. Yes, I left some dishes in the sink but I really needed to get to the bank and get some grocery shopping done before K got home. Normally he does this stuff with me. When in my car at the bank (the drive-thru rocks!) a great song came on the radio (Come Sail Away) that made me feel really upbeat. It’s amazing how a song can really change your outlook towards the day! Right? Anyway, after the bank I headed to the grocery store and saw a person who was standing on the side of the road advertising for a local business. He was dressed in a costume and was waving to everyone. As I drove by, I started waving like crazy to him. It was fun and he saw me. It made me giggle. I even waved at a lady in the parking lot at the grocery store which made her smile but I think she was just surprised. Who knows! I was having fun! Some man even got a grocery cart for me. How nice was that?

After the errands were done (a whole two errands) and the groceries were put away, I’m beat. It would be nice to go to bed for a nap but I want to wait for K to come home from work first. I guess now that I’m feeling a little rested because I sat down to type this post out, I’ll attack the dishes after I unload the dishpit. Wish me luck and don’t forget to FOLLOW my blog!


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