A Duracell battery can tell you so much…

Living on Oxygen for Life

One day when I was about 6 or 7 years old, I was lying on the carpet of my parent’s family room watching television. A commercial came on and it was for the Duracell battery. Back then I was really into commercial jingles. I pretty much knew them all and sang along with the commercials. You remember the “Ding, ding, DONG!” of the Duracell ad, right? The coppertop battery! Well, it was on this day that this commercial came on that, for some reason, I had placed my hand over my left ear during the “ding, ding, dong” part (well it was SO loud, wasn’t it?). I made a huge discovery. My right ear didn’t work so well. I tested my left ear and it worked just fine. So like I said, I’m only 6 or 7 years old – making this discovery on my own – and I’m about to let my mom know my big news!

I’m telling my mom the big news and she’s like wearing this facial expression that’s hard to describe. It reminds me of the Seinfeld tv show when the phrase, “Serenity Now!” was popular. I’m her child and she’s been through so much with me. There was the tube feeding from one month old when she finally was able to bring me home from the hospital, my first spine fusion with the halo traction, and all those doctor appointments in between the heart catherizations. Now, it was my ear?? That was something unexpected. So, it was another round of doctor appointments and a surgery that fixed nothing. Now, I’m without hearing in my right ear.

It’s funny though because my sisters grew up with me like this and they still forget that they have to walk on the left side of me so that I can hear what they are saying. I’ve had many challenges in my life but this one makes me laugh every time I think about the Duracell battery commercial.

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