I survived!

Living On Oxygen for Life

I survived… barely. Or at least that’s how I felt after the 6-minute walk I did. And I did it on 4 liters of oxygen! I asked my husband how he thought I did and he said I started out like I was shot from a cannon. I was like, “Really???” He says, “Yeah, but you were suffering there at the end.” Boy howdy was I ever! I know it’s not a race and I should pace myself better but I always want to do as well as I can each time. By the time the 4 1/2 minute mark came, my left leg felt like it was going to give out on me. I was breathing hard and heavy… in through my nose (for full oxygen power!) and out through my mouth (out bad CO2! Out! Out! Out!).

My actual doctor appointment which was before the six minute walk went fairly smoothly. I now get to try a new drug. I’m a little nervous because this is something I have to do 4 times a day. I’m such a disorganized person. This new medication is called Tyvaso. I have to give it at least a 3 to 6 month try to see if it is something that will help me or if I can even tolerate it. The day wasn’t awful. I mean, I got to go out for lunch. Hopefully after tomorrow’s doctor appointment I’ll get my really big surprise from K! *fingers crossed*

Since I had a little power rest… (resting awake with my bipap on in bed while reading a book on my cellphone & playing with the pup, Rocco) I am cooking some chicken for dinner. It smells delicious! I’m thinking chicken tortilla soup for tonight.


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