A step forward…

Living On Oxygen for Life

Life is starting to calm down for me again. I made it through the doctor appointments and even the over-night sleep oximetry test. I don’t have the results back yet but I know when I get up out of bed without my bipap and oxygen on, my saturation drops to 75 within about a minute of time. Yikes!

I’m still awaiting word from my health insurance about whether they will approve Tyvaso for me. I read that it costs about $100,000 annually for this medication. I’m not sure how that price is justified. It’s highly outrageous. All I know is that if or when (gotta stay optimistic!) the insurance approves Tyvaso for me and I start taking it, there is suppose to be someone who comes to my house to teach me how to work the battery powered inhaler. I’ll have to do this inhaler 4 times a day, 4 hours apart. My husband tells me that I should start setting timer alerts on my cellphone so I won’t miss a dose. I am so terrible about remembering things.

I hope everyone has a lovely week. I’m finishing up some of my afghans. One for my sister and one I’m saving for an auction. I’ll be starting a new one soon. Below is a picture of the one I’m making for my sister. I’ve got all of the pieces sewn together now. Don’t forget to FOLLOW my blog!



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