Which one?

Living On Oxygen for Life

Are you living? Or existing? I ask myself this whenever I feel as if I need a kick in the pants to get myself motivated.

It’s a pretty good question. I hate to think of myself as just existing in life. To stop participating in LIFE is to just to exist.

I have a simple checklist that I review:

1. Have I stopped phoning my family and friends?
2. Do I leave the house without being prodded by my spouse?
3. Am I skipping any meals?
4. Do I get dressed for the day in regular clothes (not sweats)?
5. Am I no longer interested in my hobbies?

Being involved in something as simple as an online support group or chatting with your friends & family can help move you from existing to living your life.

This is what I ask myself. Life is happening all around us. Be involved in yours.

I am on Facebook at Living On O2 for Life. I started this page a few days ago.

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