Stuffy nose while using your bipap machine?

Living on Oxygen for Life

I finally got tired of fighting the stuffy nose problem that I have when I go to bed. Whether for a nap or a night long sleep, I strap on my bipap mask and plug in my oxygen tubing to the mask and crawl into bed to lay my head on a stack of two pillows. No matter what I did, I would always start off the night with a stuffed up nose that lasts anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes before it clears enough to half way breathe. I use a nose mask… not a full face mask with my bipap. So I have to breathe through my mask. I also have a small fan blowing all night directly in my direction from about 4 feet away on my dresser. That helps me with the claustrophobia feeling I get while wearing the mask.

So, I broke down and bought some Breathe Right Advanced nose strips. I tried one last night and let me tell you… It worked!!! Wow! (doing a happy dance!) From the moment I lied down and until I woke up, I was breathing through a clear nose! This is a huge victory for me. Yea!!! Why did I wait so long to try these things???

On Breathe Right’s website, they are offering a way to receive a free sample by mail and a coupon towards a purchase of the strips. I’m posting this because I’ve had people ask about this problem. I hope this will help them too. Here’s the link: I don’t know how long this offer will last. So, hurry!

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I just noticed the Breathe Right offer link was broken momentarily but I fixed it. I think. Sorry about that!

11 thoughts on “Stuffy nose while using your bipap machine?

  1. Hello my fellow Bipap user and Oxygen consumer….I just want to say that you are so right about the Breatheeee Right strips and being a fellow sufferer ; I welcome them wholeheartedly!! I’m an 11 yr Bipap user whom have fought constantly with the nasal stuffies also. Thanks for sharing your blog and I love to know that I’m not alone in my struggle with 02 for life. Kepp up the good writing and sharing!!
    Thank you,

    • Hi Al! Being that we’ve used the bipap for such a long time you’d think that we’d find something that would help with stuffy noses before now. Right? I’m so thankful for these little miracle workers of Breathe Right! At last, I no longer have take any kind of medication for the problem which didn’t work well enough anyway! I’m glad they help you too!!! Thank you for enjoying my blog and saying kind words about it. =o) Stay warm and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas!!


  2. My husband uses a nasal canula and it has a humidifier attached…yet he gets a terribly stuffy nose from time to time. I put saline on a q-tip, sometimes k-y jelly which his doctor’s office told us about…sometimes an ice cube on the outside of the sinus area, to reduce swollen tissue. BUT: my question is about the Bi-pap. He’s been on it twice in the hospital for aspiration pneumonia. I thought it could only be done in the hospital, because respiratory people are always coming in to the room and making adjustments, etc. Are you saying you use the Bi-pap at home? Is it covered by insurance? I swear it’s saved his life twice in the hospital.

    • Hello Valeria,

      Thank you for your comment and question. As for your comment, I’m assuming you are talking about the nasal canula that attaches to the tubing for oxygen, right? I use my oxygen straight from the tank. I prefer not to use the water humidifier that the DME company attaches to the oxygen reservoir (or even the oxygen concentrator that I use to use years ago). It’s better for your lungs to use a humidifier but’s it’s my personal preference not to use it. The water use to gather up in the tubing and it would blow into my nose. Besides, it’s harder for me to breathe humid air. I even disconnected it in the hospital. =o) As for the Bipap, yes, I use my Bipap at home and have done so since 1993 or 1994. My insurance pays for it by renting it to own. Your husband would have to go to a Pulmonologist and talk to the doctor about seeing if he’d qualify for a Bipap. They would most likely make him do an overnight sleep study to prove he needs one on a nightly basis. Maybe the Pulmonologist can use the hospital records of the times your husband has needed a Bipap while admitted. I hope this information helps you.


  3. You know, I find answersomething and then I try to get free offers and of course it’s only for the US. I live in Canada and would love to try, please make your offer for Canadians too.

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