Tyvaso news!

Living On Oxygen for Life

Finally and Oh man, not yet!!! Friday is the day I begin taking Tyvaso. A package of equipment and medication will arrive tomorrow and a nurse will arrive on Friday to show me how to prepare and use the inhaler. Apparently the inhaler or medication needs distilled water. So, I’ll have to make a run to the grocery store (maybe I can get my husband to do that!) to buy some. I have a dvd somewhere around here that I’m suppose to watch before the nurse gets here but I think I left it in my car. Ooops!

Internally I feel like this is a momentous occasion. Am I ready for this? Mentally, not really. Well, you don’t want me to lie to you, do you? Starting on Friday, I will be taking another medication for my Pulmonary Hypertension. Two very expensive medications. Tracleer and Tyvaso. I truly hope Tyvaso does more than the Tracleer does for me. Though, Tracleer does well to lower the Pulmonary pressures but it does not help me breathe easier or give me more energy. Thus, the reason for me to try the Tyvaso together with the Tracleer.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Tyvaso news!

  1. I think I tried a medication like Tyvaso about seven years ago. It worked very well the first time, and then for a week or so, then it didn’t work any more; I don’t know why. The first time I took it was amazing though – it was like some kind of weird dream. I went to the clinic for the first dose, and they told me to go walk around and see what it was like. I walked the streets of Hobart on this drug and was able to keep walking, and keep walking and keep walking, without getting short of breath… It was so weird. I met up with a friend by chance and told him that I’d just taken this drug and we walked around together and it was so enjoyable just to be able to walk around with someone like a normal person. Then we went and had fish and chips at this place on the wharf. Then I suppose it began to wear off and I went back to the clinic. I wished it had been something that had worked for longer, because it was great that first time. I hope it’s a keeper for you. It is for lots of people, so there’s no reason why it won’t be.

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