Staying busy…


Living On Oxygen for Life

This year I have been staying busy. I found a way to do volunteer work while staying at home. Since I am on oxygen 24/7, it’s wonderful that I could actually find something that I can do. I crochet hats and afghans for a local children’s hospital. The picture above is the start of my 5th afghan that I plan to donate when it’s finished. I taught myself how to crochet years ago and it’s something I do that is so relaxing. I just love it!

I’ve always wanted to volunteer. During one time in the hospital when I was a child, I received a little pillow made by volunteers from a ladies’ church group. I still have the pillow. I think I was 13 years old when I got it. I’m now 43 years old. So, the pillow is pretty old! It’s been through a LOT with me. How could I ever get rid of it? Right?

I love giving and to give a child something that I’ve made just for them makes me so happy.


2 thoughts on “Staying busy…

    • Wow! Knitting looks so complicated because it uses two needles instead of what I’m use to with crocheting with one hook. I’m not very coordinated. =o) I’m not on I don’t sell my crochet items. Do you? I give them away to charity or friends and family. I get a LOT of joy of that. I do make cat toys that I sell. However, that’s to earn money for yarn for the afghans & hats that I give to the local hospital. To check out the toys, go to YouTube tutorials are awesome. Using those videos is how I learned to join motifs when I created an afghan for my little sister. I was so confused before I watched the video. =o)

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