Something that keeps me busy…


Living On Oxygen for Life

These are trees?? The moment I saw them in the store, I really, really wanted them. Well, actually, I only saw the Lime tree the first time I went to the hardware store. I had to beg and plead with my husband to have them but he said no. Why? You ask? Because I do NOT have a green thumb and when I plant things they tend to die. I don’t understand it either! My husband is so good with plants. However, a few days ago, my husband came home from work and said get ready. We need to go somewhere. He never tells me where. He said if I’m good (rolling my eyes) I’ll get a surprise.

You see, he tries hard to get me out of the house. He doesn’t like that I stay home a lot. I need to get out of the house to maintain my health by giving my lungs and body some exercise. So, when we got to the hardware store and even though I truly thought the “No.” meant I’m not getting the tree, he surprised me by not only getting the lime tree but when we saw that there was a lemon tree, he bought that for me too. Yippee!! You see, his way of thinking is that I have to go outside to water the trees and check on them every day. My husband is sneaky. There’s always a reason for what he does. I’m very thankful that he cares so much to make a grand effort to think of unusual ways to help me.

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2 thoughts on “Something that keeps me busy…

    • Hey! I was evaluated for a heart/lung transplant but because of the deformity of my rib cage (due to scoliosis) the doctors felt that they would not be able to transplant donor lungs without damaging them. It wouldn’t be a good idea to get a donor heart if the lungs that I have now couldn’t support it. It would be a risk I am not willing to take (at this time). It’s sad, I know, but I’m ok with it now. =o) My FB page is at:

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