Life After the Tyvaso Trial Run…

Living On Oxygen for Life

Many of you know that I had tried Tyvaso. It’s an inhaled medication that I had every intention of trying for a good 3 months to see if it would help improve my shortness of breath (SOB) and low energy level. I was skeptically optimistic about this medication only because of two reasons:

    This medicine has to be enhaled 4 times a day.
    Each medication the PH doctors have tried me on with the thought that it would “improve my SOB,” it didn’t.

Yet, I still had hope but I only lasted one week on Tyvaso. I read that others are taking this medicine. So, what’s going on with my body that makes me not able to tolerate this stuff? I don’t just have Pulmonary Hypertension and Heart problems. There’s the complication of Scoliosis as well.

Now that I’m off Tyvaso, I’m back to my living life happily. Yes, I still have shortness of breath and I tire easily. I started feeling better within 24 hours of stopping Tyvaso. Within, 48 hours, I was back to smiling and planning the drop-off of my crocheted afghan donations. Honestly, within the week of taking Tyvaso, I had nearly given up hope that I would be able to volunteer. So, here I am. Happy again and feeling full of life! YEA ME!