Why even the simplest things matter…

Living On O2 for Life

This is something I’ve wanted to share with you for a long while.

My husband had a delivery type job. For privacy reasons, I don’t want to disclose what that job was. But he had a position where he would ocassionally work different delivery routes by working others’ routes at times. One day, when on someone else’s route, he noticed that the person he delivered to was in a wheelchair and wore oxygen. So, he would go to his door for the delivery to make it easier for the man. The person who normally did this route, said the man was a little cranky and mean and didn’t talk to him. So, the next time when my husband was able to deliver to the old man’s house again, he took a few minutes to talk with him. It surprised the regular deliverer that my husband would do that with the old man. My husband kept this up each time he would deliver to his house and explained that his wife, me, uses oxygen too. He told this old man about me and about my condition. The old man really turned out to not be mean afterall.

A few weeks later, when my husband finally was scheduled to deliver again on the old man’s route, he went to his house and found out that he had passed away. I had NO idea that my husband was doing this when he delivered to the old guy. He came home that day from work and was sad. He told me about the guy and that he died. I was really proud of him, truly. I explained to him that he did something really good, that no one else at his job took the time to do. And that was to reach out to someone who probably only wanted to feel a little bit more normal.

Personally, I think because my husband has experienced what it’s like to live with someone who lives on oxygen, made it much more easier for him to approach the old man with openess.

You see, every little thing you do matters in life. Just because someone is disabled, doesn’t mean they are less worthy of your kindness. Would my husband have done what he did if he didn’t know me? I would like to hope he would. Did I make a difference in my husband’s attitude towards people with needs? I hope so.

So, you see, everyone is here for a reason and what you do makes a difference in someone’s life. So, let that difference be a positive one.


6 thoughts on “Why even the simplest things matter…

  1. I hope you made a change! I truly believe that everyone is inherently worthy of kindness and compassion. I admit that when I first went out in the “world” with O2 tubes in my nose, I was a little self-conscious. That lasted only a few minutes! It wasn’t because I accepted my condition or got used to it. I believe that, because of meditation practices, I felt like I was the same as everyone else. I was just a small part of the whole fabric of life, and not a separate, “unusual” part. After all, everyone needs O2!


    • Thank you for commenting David. And you are right! We all need oxygen to live. Meditation is a good practice to have. My way of meditation may be different from other ways that people use, but I think it really helps in any form that people use it.


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