Well, hot-diggidy-dog!!!

Lime tree flowers

Living On Oxygen for Life

I’m really surprised that one of my trees (my lime tree) has grown flowers again! I’m not known for having a green thumb but since my husband drilled drainage holes in the bottom of both pots, my trees are taking off and budding new leaf growth. Yippee! Now the lime tree has a clump of about four flowers. Maybe I’ll actually get some limes this year after all!

My lemon tree is slower at growing. I no longer have to bring them indoors. It’s in the mid 90 degrees and I think they are safe from cold weather now.

Since it’s so hot during the daytime, I’ve started to get my body acclimated to the heat before the Summer heat kicks in full force. I try going outside for very short periods of time (about 5 minutes) at first in the morning. It’s much harder to breathe when it’s hot outside. So, I really take it slow to get myself use to it. I try to go outside to walk around in the yard with my dog, Rocco, 2 or 3 times a day.

Ooooh! I hope I get some limes from my trees. I’m craving some guacamole!


6 thoughts on “Well, hot-diggidy-dog!!!

  1. I’m happy for your lime trees and your potential acclimation but what attracted me to this blog was your use of the phrase, “hott-diggity-dog!” LOL the only other person ive heard this from (besides in movies) is my mom….she’s known for using goofy sayings. This will make her feel great, knowning she’s not alone in odds-ville:)

    • Thank you! I do have some really weird phrases that I say such as “I reckon…” My lime and lemon trees are actually sprouting fruit. Well, my lemon tree just has a few flowers on it and I’m hoping they turn into lemons. *fingers crossed!* =o)

  2. I think you are my hero. You can blog about your journey and I have trouble even talking to friends and family. Compare us??
    Me..PH since 1986, received new lungs 2/15/13…I love to crochet, rediscovered it on one of my MANY sleepless nights..I will be 46 in August….I love to “talk” to other people in similar circumstance.
    If you want to visit or just need to yell at someone feel free. Trying to find an email buddy who likes same interests etc…

    • Hi Amy! Wow! You have new lungs. Congratulations on your successful transplant. *hugs* I would be happy to be your one of your email buddies. 🙂 What type of things do you like to crochet? I’ve started making a minion hat from the movie Despicable Me. I haven’t decide whether to give the little guy one eye or two on the hat. Decisions…. Decisions… I will definitely email you!


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