It’s hard to even imagine….

Living on Oxygen for Life

It really is hard to imagine that I will soon be 44 years old. A month after I was born, my parents were told to come get their little girl from the hospital because there wasn’t anything left for the doctors to do. In order for my mother to take me home from the hospital, she had to first learn how to insert a tube down my nose every time I was to be fed. Over the years there have been so many uphill challenges to face but I have been blessed and very lucky.

When I was about 25 years old, I once asked a pulmonologist how long he thought I would live. Now, doctors don’t like to answer this kind of question but he surprised me by giving me an answer. He said he thought I would live to the age of 40 or 45 years old. Of course, at the time, I didn’t think I’d live to see 30 years old. So, I kind of privately scoffed at his answer but I was skeptically optimistic.

There definitely must be a reason why I’ve lived long enough to surprise and amaze many doctors. I’m a rebel who likes to beat the odds. *big cheesy grin*


6 thoughts on “It’s hard to even imagine….

  1. Isn’t it great to prove the doctors wrong? In 2007 I was told that I would need a heart and lung transplant by 2012. This year my heart function is awesome and my lungs are clearer than they have ever been. So here’s to being a rebel!

    • I am so thrilled for you that your health is so stable. I was reviewed for a heart/lung transplant but was denied because of the severity of my scoliosis. I’m okay with that because being a rebel is so much more fun. Am I right or what?? lol!


  2. The hardest part for me seems to be getting over the shock every month when I receive my power bill from the amount of power my 02 generator uses.

    • Hi there! I know what you mean about electricity bills being higher. When I was using only an oxygen concentrator, my bill was about $20 higher a month but that was years ago. Now I’m on liquid oxygen. My main electric eater is my air conditioner because it’s on year-around and works overtime during the Summer heat. I breathe better when it’s cool and it helps keep water retention down for me.

      Be sure you notify the fire department and the utility companies to inform them of your oxygen use and request a “priority service listing.”

      • By the way…have a Happy Birthday.
        You”ve sooo much to celebrate. Having a lung disease has made me rethink my
        life. One doctor made the remark that
        he didn’t know what all was going on with my lungs, ” but something was surely working right.” I’ll take those words. Just keep thinking that, Christine.
        And remember….there are some things
        doctors simply can’t know.
        You go girl.

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