What a weekend, right?

Living On O2 for Life

All I can say is that I’m so very thankful I had my husband with me during this scary moment. It all started last Saturday (queue dream sequence visual). K and I had an appointment at 1pm on Saturday. After that appointment, we decided to go to a nifty car show that’s about 1 1/2 hours from our house. Though, I told K that I was pretty sure the event was closing at 2pm (it was after 2pm already), he kept insisting that the radio station crew was leaving at that time and not the event was closing down. Granted, I’m not always right. Yeah, I just admitted that. However, this time I wasn’t wrong. I know. I’m shocked too!

On the way to the event that was no longer there, we heard a noise that increased in volume from my van. When it comes to my van, we don’t mess around. So, we pulled into a nearby parking lot and looked under the van and at the engine. Ok, we don’t know much about the engine. Just enough for minor problems… but we “LOOKED” like we knew what we were doing! Anyhoo, so back on the road, deciding just to go home. The noise kept get louder and louder and the van vibrated. I was thinking, “could this be the tire?” but it looked fine when we looked.

The situation was getting so bad that K made an executive decision to have me locate a car rental place. I made a mad scramble for my iPhone thinking, “Yelp! app don’t let me down now!” It was awful. Nothing was close for the standard kind of rental place. Then I had an ah-ha! moment. Go to a car dealership. By the time we found the closest one who rent cars, my van was sounding tragic.

Remember that I have my 75lb. liquid oxygen reservoir in the back of my van? Well, we didn’t want to leave it in the van in the heat while it waited for the tow truck to come while we went home. So, we had to rent a large enough car to fit this tank in it. After we rented it, we realized it wasn’t going to fit in the back. *sigh* But it fit on the back seat strapped in with K holding it… You know, just in case. That meant that I got to drive the 2013 Nissan Rouge that we rented for 2 days. Just long enough to get us home with my tank and have something for me before we had to return it on Monday evening.

It ended up being just the tire. You see, it went flat after we got to the dealership. It was totally bizarre. Returning the rental was a little nerve-racking because I didn’t have my reservoir in the back of the car. I did have 2 full liquid portable tanks with me but one froze up. That’s always scary because while it’s frozen up, some of the pressure leaks out and I won’t know how much time is left on the tank. The tank is defective and I need to report it. It worked fine after it thawed.

I’m just thankful I wasn’t alone this time. K knew what to do and together we got the job done. That’s one reason why I have AAA for roadside assistance. It’s comes in handy. Good grief… what a weekend!


6 thoughts on “What a weekend, right?

    • It’s the reason why I carry so much liquid oxygen as my back up in my van. I can not go without oxygen. Someone always knows when I leave the house. Even if its a quick text on the phone, I let someone know. Why risk it? Right?

  1. Wow, I know how you feel. I have the little M6 tanks with conserving device and I usually take 2 with me when I go out for any length of time. I get nervous when I’ve gotten low with only 1 tank with me.

    • Yes you know that feeling when you use up half of your oxygen that you become a clock watcher making sure you have enough to get you home. That’s why I have a reservoir in the back of my van to refill my portable when I’m out having fun. This time I didn’t have that big tank and I was really nervous returning the rental car.

      I hope you are doing well. Thank you for commenting. 🙂


  2. How many L are you on again? I can’t imagine how I would do it if I was on a higher rate (I am on 2L-4L). I would likely need a portable concentrator but I’m not a fan of those as those battery totally suck.

    • Hi there! I’m currently on 5-6 L now. When I drive in my van, I wear 6 Liters. Once I’m out of the van, when I’m away from my home, I use 5L. I use too much oxygen to be able to use battery-powered portable concentrators. I use oxygen at continuous flow (not pulse breath). Being on a higher rate only means that I have always be aware of how much time I have left on my portable tank. It’s not too bad being on liquid oxygen and having a reservoir in the back of my van to refill my portable whenever I need to if I need more fun time!

      You doing ok now?? 🙂

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