Is it me or there something wrong here?!?!

Living On Oxygen for Life


Ugh! How do you know if something is really wrong with you or is it some sort of malfunction? My liquid oxygen tanks got refilled last Thursday. I thought all was ok with the world. I watered my lemon and lime trees (my little lemon fell off the tree. BOO!), I even made dinner that night and I made enough to freeze for another night’s dinner. But that night, I started feel a bit off. You know that feeling where you swear you aren’t getting enough oxygen. You get tired faster if you try to do even the simpler things that you normally can do. Your heart beats over 100+ when you walk to the kitchen (or wherever!) It was late and after I checked for puncture wounds in my oxygen tubing by my cat, Mary, I went to bed. The next day I started getting a migraine which made my heart start skipping. That REALLY is no fun at all.

Here am on Friday night about to cave in and tell my husband, K, that I think something could be really wrong with me when I decided to give everything another check. Tanks on? Check! Still no kitty teeth holes in tubing? Check! Oxygen flow at 5 1/2 LPM? Hmmmm … This just doesn’t feel right. There should be a bit more blowing from the canula. The tubing connected to the splitter (I use both liquid reservoirs together) looks good but there still seems less flow. I went to make sure the Christmas trees were screwed on tightly to the tank spickets and what do you know… One was loose! I must have been losing at least liter per minute of flow. (Or it sure felt like it once the tree was tightened!)

I felt pretty dumb. I normally check the green trees every time I have a refill. I don’t trust anyone else to do that for me. This whole time I was worried that my breathing was getting worse.

If I had been on an oxygen concentrator, I would have had my DME check the machine with his flow meter. It would say whether or not the machine was putting out the correct flow rate. They can use the flow meter on whatever you use for your oxygen device to check its flow rate accuracy.

At least I have a pulse oximeter to check my oxygen saturation. Nothing was critical but I don’t like feeling that way. So, to cheer myself up, I’m crocheting a Despicable Me Minion hat!

Be well everyone and stay out of the heat!!!


2 thoughts on “Is it me or there something wrong here?!?!

  1. and what a relief it is when you find out
    what’s really going on 😉 hate to admit it
    but I’ve been there myself…thanks for being “normal”, Christine.

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