Vacation… I can’t wait!!

Living On Oxygen for Life

Vacation feet If you follow me on Instagram (christinelovesdaisies) you’ll know that I’m really excited to go on vacation next month. K and I started taking self-photos of our “Vacation Feet” about 3 years ago. We like to go to places that have a beach.

Vacation hat Last year we went to Galveston, TX where I bought one of my “Vacation Hats.” I will be taking this with me. I know it’s a cheesy hat but it’s fun to wear and doing fun things is the whole point of going on vacation. Right??

Roadtripmascot That’s why we have a Roadtrip Mascot. This is my new rubber chicken. We started having a rubber chicken as our mascot for luck nearly 10 to 15 years ago, maybe longer! The first one was named Poke! He died tragically by melting on the dash of the car. It was so sad but we got a new one at the store where we bought the first one, Spencer’s in the mall. I named him Poke, Jr. Original, I know but after this guy overheated–what’s up with that??– we bought Mr. Chicken. Unfortunately, he died of a broken neck. That one was special because he went with me on my 40th birthday roadtrip to Las Vegas & California. When I squeezed his tummy, he really let out a scream!! As a surprise, K, took me to the mall recently (which I hate going to the mall) and bought me a new one. I finally named him yesterday. He is now named KLONDIKE and he’s just like my old Mr. Chicken… he screams too! YEA!! haha!

This year has been a lot more stressful with arranging all the things for this vacation. I love planning our vacations but we have 2 destinations, our dog – Rocco and my mother is going with us, and it just seemed to start overwhelming me. My husband lets me take care of all the planning. I’m a list maker, which includes making lists of the lists. I also have to arrange my liquid oxygen refills while on vacation. Thank goodness for Lincare! I finally got that arranged. We’ll be going to the local Lincare at our final destination with my reservoirs for them to refill instead of having them come to us as a new setup with their tanks. So, yes, we always take my equipment. A good thing that I’ve done was realize that I can use my bipap machine in my vehicle on the long drive if I get tired. I just use an converter which I plug into the cigarette lighter and the converter has 2 plug outlets which I use to plug in my bipap machine.

Even though, we’ll be gone for about a week, I am taking 2 weeks worth of medication. I just never know what might happen, especially when we are going during Hurricane season. Because of this, we bought travel insurance for this vacation. Honestly, I’ve only bought travel insurance twice in my life. Once for this vacation and the other time was for our honeymoon, 21 years ago. I like using Yelp! and TripAdvisor to plan the places that sound interesting to us. And always we have AAA as a backup, just in case. *wink*

I just added the Instagram “widget” on my blog. I’ll be posting pictures of my vacation fun on Instagram! So, follow me! I like to blog on vacation too. So don’t forget to add your email in the box on the right so you’ll be able to follow my blog too. Remember, just because you have breathing problems, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. It may require a little more planning but it’s worth it! I’m so EXCITED!!!!


4 thoughts on “Vacation… I can’t wait!!

    • Hi there! I really like the concept of your blog! I have one other “Vacation Feet” photo but you can post which ever you like. 🙂 I’ll try to get one or both submitted sometime today. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!


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