Are you ready for this?

Living On Oxygen for Life

The Holiday Season is quickly approaching and I feel as if I am never ready for it. I know the best thing you can do is NOT to OVERDO. Learn to delegate that Thanksgiving meal. Better yet, make it a pot luck menu. Why should you make it all when you don’t have the energy to do so. Honestly, I’ve never, ever, cooked a bird. K and I have been blessed with his family living so closely to us and they cook the Thanksgiving meal every year. I know… I know… It’s a sweet arrangement! I’m usually only responsible for bringing soda, rolls, or some sort of sweets. Mmm… Pecan pie…. I can smell it now… Can’t you? Though, this year, K’s family will be in Las Vegas for a wedding. We aren’t going because I can no longer fly. (It’s ok. I’m cool with that.) So, I thought maybe I would get a little bird and try my hand at my very first turkey! Maybe I’ll just buy a pre-cooked bird. I haven’t decided yet. Tips? Anyone?

With Thanksgiving meals, if you have a breathing condition, you probably need to watch your sodium. I think Thanksgiving is the biggest diet buster meal ever. Everything has salt in it. The trick to regulating that sodium intake is portion control. I try to have just a little bit of my favorite foods. I love ham but that’s really loaded with sodium. I just eat a tiny slice of it and move on to the bird. I do my best to stay away from SMOKED foods not just because they have more sodium but for some reason, smoked flavoring/scents causes breathing problems for me.

I love Christmas. I love giving more than receiving. In fact, over the last couple of years, K and I have chosen a Salvation Army Angel Tree child to buy for because we don’t have children of our own. All that shopping can wear a person out for any normally healthy person. It wipes me out for the rest of the day. That’s why shopping online can help so much. I really like for when I’m shopping online for the holidays. It can give you discounts and/or free shipping codes to use! YEA!! Who doesn’t like to save money???

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2 thoughts on “Are you ready for this?

  1. You are correct in your assessment that the key is to not OVERWORK yourself. I am reminded of the lessons we taught in our “preparing/cooking a chicken” blogs. Maybe apply those to this scenario? It saddeneds me that you can not longer fly….the doc just hit me with that bit of news recently….so I can relate. Hits like a ton of bricks huh? As for the sodium…..cut out the ham and eat lots of veggitables. Mashed Potatoes are always a staple too! Good luck!

    • No flying was a pain at first but I fell in love with roadtrips. There is so much that can be missed by flying to a destination. And we have our roadtrip mascot, Klondike the rubber chicken, to give us good luck for the road!

      We are having turkey, cornbread stuffing, green bean casserole, massed potatoes, pecan pie and iced tea. K used to be a chef. So I’m letting him cook the bird. Plus, it’s too heavy for me to wrangle with. We got a 15lb bird! Oh, I forgot the buns!!! Dinner wouldn’t be complete without the bread! Right?

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