What it takes for us to travel…

loaded van

Living On O2 for Life

Going on vacation takes quite a bit of preparation for us. What you see is the inside of my van. For this particular vacation, it contains our luggage, beach chairs, an oxygen concentrator, 2 100lb liquid oxygen reservoirs full of oxygen, 1 75lb reservoir, an ice chest that you can’t see, a dehumidifier, my wheelchair, my bipap machine and other odd essentials like food for the road, laptop, cameras, travel itinerary, and other gadgets .

We try not to travel with this much oxygen anymore. It can be dangerous but we drive VERY carefully. It’s the other guy that we can not predict. So now, we keep it to a minimum of 1 100lb and 1 75lb reservoir. I’d rather get my oxygen refilled on the road if needed by my DME Lincare.

It’s all worth the effort. We LOVE going on vacation. Like I’ve said before, it gives us the opportunity to build memories that will stay with us always. These memories are special to us.

I just thought y’all would like to see how much goes with us when we hit the road. Plus, I can’t forget to mention that we take our beloved roadtrip mascot of a rubber chicken! *wink*

Follow my blog! I have something new coming up. It’s going to be called “Random pictures of my life on oxygen.” Or something like that. I will post a random picture of me during my life on oxygen. I want to show you that even though you need to use oxygen, life can be fun. I hope you like them. Some of the pictures are NOT glamorous. hehe!


4 thoughts on “What it takes for us to travel…

  1. Christine,
    Are you able to fill your portable from the stationary tank when it’s in your van? Do you have a top fill or side fill? I took a weekend trip last year with a liquid tank in my car and a concentrator for the hotel room. I was able to fill my portable in the car as it was a side fill. My liquid portable with Lincare is a top fill and I wouldn’t be able to fill it while it’s in the car. There’s not enough room. Moving the stationary tank isn’t easy as they’re so heavy. How do you manage? I’m trying to figure out how I could do it.

    • Hi Cindy,
      I have a top fill reservoir for all 3 of my tanks. K is able to lift them in the van. The 100lb tanks are extremely heavy and actually weigh more than 100lbs when completely full. He’s 6ft tall and only 140lbs himself. He just walked by and I asked him how hard it is to lift those tanks in the van. He said it is very hard and at times it’s a struggle for him to lift them. The 75lb is easier but it’s not something that you could do yourself. My van is a Chevy Venture and it is tall enough in the back because we remove the back seats and strap the 75lb tank to the back of the second row seat. K puts the tank on either the left or right side. We take the canula off and barely squeeze the portable on the top of the tank and press it down to fill it with oxygen. There is a 50lb reservoir but Lincare reserves those for people who travel. My 75lb tank stays in my van 24/7, 365 days a year. The best thing you could do is drive while using the reservoir for your oxygen and then when you get out of the car, switch over to the portable. This is what I do to conserve the oxygen in my portable.

      Another thing, since you can’t get the reservoir out of your car, I think I would request either a portable oxygen concentrator or an e-cylinder so that when you need to leave the hotel room to go to your car to refill your portable, you will have the oxygen you need to make it to your car. I would not be able to make it from the hotel room to the parking lot without oxygen. Can you?

      • Christine,
        Thanks for your quick reply! I don’t know what size reservoir I used before, but I know it fit in my back seat. What I did before was fill the portable in the car, but I can’t do that with a top fill. There’s not enough clearance. Ideally, I would want to move the reservoir to my hotel room and use a concentrator in the room, so I could reserve the liquid for when I went out. I have two portables, so I can go out for at least 8 hours at a time. The other problem is that Lincare says they don’t have any small reservoirs for me to use. Their patients have them all. The guy told me he might be able to borrow one back from one of the patients if I want to go away for a few days. Not an ideal situation. Thanks for all your suggestions. I would like to get away for a few days at some point!

      • They do reserve the smaller tanks for those going on vacation. It sucks that they don’t have any available for you if that’s truly what’s going on. I’ve never understood why they couldn’t just add more to their inventory. Perhaps you can get a nice strong friend to go along with you or meet you at your destination to assist you with the reservoir. K will take mine out of the van and put it on the luggage dolly to roll it to our hotel room. The dolly is the first thing we look for once we get to the hotel. haha! That and the elevator!

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