What do you do when your power goes out when you use a bipap?

Living On O2 for Life

Thanks to one of my readers, I’ve become more aware of how to vulnerable we are when our power goes out. Blackouts, brown outs and even weather related storms and heavens to betsy even weather disasters where the power can be out for days or longer. If you live in an area where your power goes out often (we have rolling brown outs during the summer), you should have a back up plan because power outages can happen any time of the day or night.

Having the power outage at night is a pain. Imagine yourself all snug in your bed when all of a sudden, your bipap cuts out in the middle of inhaling a breath. I’ve been there and experienced that. Now, I can NOT sleep without this machine. So, I get up and find my handy flashlight and cellphone. First order of business is to call the electric company to report the outage. I just know that you have already notified them that you use oxygen and require electricity which should put you on the “Priority Service List.” Then, use my cellphone to read an ebook and pray it won’t take too long.

But what if it is more than a simple storm that zapped a transformer? What do you do? I can think of a few options. The first one is to call someone you know who has  power and lives close by to stay there. Make sure you pack your medicine and whatever you need to feel comfortable and to keep your stress level down. Stress has a way of wearing down your immune system and we don’t want that.

The other option, thanks to Cindy for bringing this to my attention, is a deep cycle marine battery back up for your bipap/cpap. I found a really good instructional website that can help you understand how this works and get you started on preparing for the need for a back up system. You can read about this at: http://www.phcentral.org/features/contingency.html

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10 thoughts on “What do you do when your power goes out when you use a bipap?

  1. Christine,
    Just an update…my electricity went out in the middle of the night about a month ago and I had a chance to try my battery for the first time. It worked like a charm! I went back to sleep and used it until the electricity went back on a few hours later.

    • Ok. It looks like this one got posted. I am a Prepper and I am ready for all types of grid down situations. I am on O2 and a Nebulizer. You are right Cindy, deep cycle marine or deep cycle golf cart batteries are the way to go. You can also add 100/200 watt solar panels to it later. Harris is the leading expert in this field and teaches on websites and podcasts weekly. A lot of his vidios on his sites are free and he also can send you to a site with books on anything you would like to do. I listen to him help people with all types of grid down power problems every week on various survival podcasts. He also will have links to each and every part to do these things to Amazon.com. If you have a problem and he is in or near your area at the time you post a question he will come to your home and help you at no cost to you. He is an advisor to the pentagon and the military. I have a battery backup system in the toolbox of the bed of my truck that can power my house or anyone else’s that I can drive to that stays 100 percent charged and ready from my alternator at all times. I also have the same thing at my house using solar.
      They will run my Nebulizer and 02 generator with no problems and run my fridge for 2 hrs at a time to keep my food cool. All lights and fans are no problem, but no AC I’m afraid. If anyone would like to learn how to do this just look on the sites I posted above. He will also teach you the SAFE way to do these things. Having a battery beside your bed is probably not one of them. All the best to you all.

  2. I wonder if it’s not a better idea to keep the biPAP on a rechargable battery and keep that battery plugged in, so if and when the power goes out the battery takes over seamlessly. Is that an option, or am I just, as the song said, the king of wishful thinking?

    • Hi Branden… I really don’t know. But I like your idea. I’m wondering if a computer backup battery would work if it is the correct voltage / amps. I’m not very educated about electrical supply.

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