Hooray!! Thanksgiving is coming!

Living On O2 for Life

Hello to all of my subscribed readers and visitors! I’m so excited that I finally broke the 10,000th view of my blog. I haven’t even been blogging for a whole year yet. Though, the one year anniversary is coming up soon. Yippee!! Not only is that news exciting… Thanksgiving is coming!! Though, if you are Canadian, you’ve already been able to enjoy the holiday. You lucky ducks!

K (my husband) and I have decided to cook our very first Thanksgiving meal just for us. I know, I can’t believe I haven’t done it already for all the  years that we’ve been together (25 years). Whoa! I’m not even going to THINK about how long 25 years of being with someone is. Although, it’s pretty darn fabulous. The poor guy. haha!

Seriously now, let’s talk TURKEY! I have to take diuretics which gets rid of excess water from my body. So, eating any extra salt is really a no-no. Booooo! That drags for a LOT of people. However, when I was 10 years old and had my open-heart surgery, my mother got me use to eating less salt. There are only a very few things that I feel that REALLY need salt to make it taste better when I sit down to eat my meal. Some people are hopelessly addicted to salt… like my mother, who will even salt her pizza. So gross! What’s up with that anyway???

There are several ways I try to combat a high sodium diet. I read labels in the grocery store, I use food portion control, and I try not to add a bunch of salt when cooking. I really like Mrs. Dash, especially in scrambled eggs. YUM! Another thing I’m thinking of trying to find is an APP for counting sodium in the everyday food we eat. It would be great to have if we go to a restaurant and that information would be readily available on an APP. Don’t you think?

Here’s a crazy challenge for all of you! Pick one day this month and count the total sodium in the food you eat for that day. You will be surprised at how much sodium you eat. Don’t forget the sodium content in the beverages you drink. IE: soda. Let me know your total and I will post mine!

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6 thoughts on “Hooray!! Thanksgiving is coming!

  1. I agree with you on the importance of watching my sodium intake. I try to keep it in-check, eggs and green beans are two of the foods that i usually pick up a salt shaker for. A very mindful and good post. Good luck with your Thanksgiving dinner…..

      • It’s steak, greens and popcorn for me. I also use a salt that you can use much less of but still get a lot of salt taste. It’s called Maldon Sea Salt. It’s from England and I buy it from Atlantic Spice Company online. It’s not cheap but a little goes a loooong way😃.

      • Thomas my mom would like your dessert choice of popcorn! I will definitely look into your recommendation of Maldon’s Sea Salt. I know sea salt and table salt has the same amount of sodium but I wonder if the Maldon’s version is ground finer. Thanks for this important tip!! How do you cook your steak? BBQ?

  2. I am a popcorn addict. I have many corns but prefer white popcorn the best as it is small and sweet. It’s getting a bit harder to find nowadays. Every grocery used to have it along with the yellow but none have it now. I order it in bulk from popcorn supply houses online or pick up 2lb bags at the Amish store which also carry multi colored corns and the original strain of corn that the Native Americans showed us.
    The poison microwave popcorns have taken up all the shelf space now. I have many poppers too, from air pop to theater size poppers. I use coconut oil or peanut oil depending which popper that I am using.

    Even though I don’t use much salt, I collect salts as there are so many wonderful kinds to be had with different tastes. I also use a Celtic sea salt to make some of my homemade toothpaste. I buy these from Bulk Herb online. I get Real salt and
    Eden Celtic sea salt from the Whole Foods store. The rest come from Atlantic Spice online where you can buy the Maldon salt Christine. Just go to the site and click on salts/sugars. The Maldon is not a real fine salt. The way you use it is to take a tiny pinch and grind it between your fingers or dry it out and put it in a small salt mill. It’s really unlike any other salt in the world. The site will tell you all about the salts as you click from one to the others. It is so salty that you so little so you get less sodium. I do a lot of business with them as I buy lots of herbs to make my own tinctures and use for cooking. I can buy a pound of a spice or herb for what I would pay for a ounce or two at the store.

    I just grill my steaks or use a grill pan on my stove top. Rare please.😄

    • Wow! I didn’t know anything about white corn popcorn! Who knew? Well, you did of course! I learn so much from writing this blog! Thanks Thomas! I will definitely check into all of this. It could be something I get for my mom as a Christmas or Birthday gift. Neat! I know that with sea salt it takes on whatever tastes of the minerals that are in the water from wherever they come. So, every area has a different flavor. That, in itself is so intriguing! You are like my husband. He likes his steaks rare too.

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