Random Picture Day #2


Living On Oxygen for Life

Here we go! It’s Random Picture Day #2 where I post yet another silly picture of me living my life while using oxygen. In this photo, it was a beautiful Valentine’s Day. It was the perfect day to peek at my heart inside and out. I decided to take the chance to have the Right-Heart Catherization done in my neck. Before this, I only had them in my groin because the doctors weren’t too sure about the flow of the veins in my neck due to Scoliosis. The doctor had to use an ultrasound device to take a look at the vein to be able to decide whether or not it would be a go or no go for the neck. I have to tell you. I’m so glad it was a GO. The procedure using the neck area was so much less painful and required less recovery time for me. I will NEVER have it done in my groin if I can help it. Seriously, never.

I don’t recall if we had a Valentine’s Day celebration that day. Usually a heart cath will wipe me out for a day or two where I have to rest A LOT. We usually try to plan a nice dinner or a movie before or some weekend after a heart cath. But, I haven’t had a heart cath in nearly 2 years. I’m in NO hurry to remind them that it’s probably time for one. I am worried a bit about the dilation of my ascending aorta. It has increased in diameter from 4.5 to 4.7 (I’m guessing in millimeters). Therefore, I’m having another CT Scan in January 2014 to recheck the measurements that they last took with an Echocardiogram earlier this year. If it gets to the measurement of 5, the doctors will consider surgery. The doctors just tell me to try to keep my blood pressure down. I’m like… yeah, ok. *thumbs up* (sorry for that bit of sarcasm.. haha)

Anyhoo, that concludes “Random Picture Day #2” Remember to sign up to my blog to receive email notices of when I post information that will dazzle you! Have a great day y’all!


7 thoughts on “Random Picture Day #2

  1. When I was 17, many many years ago, I was home on summer leave from Carolina Military Acadamy when a drunk hit me on my motorcycle and crushed my whole right leg. I still have bits of bone that work through my body from that. I had to live in Wake Forest Baptist Hospital in traction for 13 months with 3 years of physical therapy after I got out. The doc’s said I would never walk again. HA, I showed those guys. Of course it threw me out of school and I was set to go in to the army in one year as a second lieutenant. Went back to high school when I was 21 which was hard as I was so old then.😃 But my point here Is that I was force fed hospital food for over a year! Thank God my buddies and some of the nurses smuggled food in to me or my growth would have been forever stunted. I had one nurse…bless her heart that would bring me a big bag of popcorn every night. She really helped me get through it. Of course that threw my army chances out the window as I’m full of stainless steel. I studied chemistry and became a water plant operator and chemist which is where the chlorine burned up my lungs and after 34 years put me on disability where I am now retired. I feel lucky though that I’m don’t have as many problems as you do Chris. You have been a big inspiration to me. Every time I start to feel sorry for myself I think about what you have had to go through and feel lucky. I figure if you can make it, so can I. Thank you so much for starting your wee blog. You are a inspiration to me and all the others that read what you have to say. God bless, and keep on keeping on!

    • Goodness gracious Thomas! You’ve definitely have experienced an interesting life and faced some serious challenges along the way. I’m so sorry that you had to spend so much time in the hospital. Thank the Lord for your friends and that wonderfully, thoughtful nurse bringing you popcorn. I tell you… when I’m int he hospital (knock on wood) my first thought when someone visits is: Did they smuggle in some snacks, sweets, ANYTHING resembling food? haha!

      I appreciate, from the bottom of my heart (it’s a larger heart, so it holds a whole lot of appreciation!), the kind words you said about me and what I write on my blog. I write for people like you who maybe needs, every now and then, a little nudge of inspiration that life is so worth living. You are such a kind man. *hugs*

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