Random Picture Day #3

iphone 222 iphone 223

Living On Oxygen for Life

It’s Random Picture Day #3!! I love Random Picture Day… don’t you? It’s a way for me to show you my goofy side like what you see in these two pictures. I chose two pictures again this time because.. well.. with only the picture on the right, you’d wonder what the heck I was photographing. Right? Here I am on a road trip once again and I had finally arrived at our destination of Corpus Christi, Texas. As you can see, we brought along the dearly departed Mr. Chicken, our former road trip mascot.. may he rest in peace. Give me a minute.. I’m a little sad.

Ok I’m all better and happy again. We have Klondike now. He’s a good rubber chicken and he never lets us get into trouble while we travel. Wheww! Wouldn’t want that. I couldn’t believe that there was a gaming system in our hotel room! I love my big DSLR camera but it’s a little heavy. I could never give it up because photography is one of my hobbies.

We will be taking Klondike on another adventure in early December to New Orleans once again. Ugh! An eight hour drive… with Rocco, the chihuahua, in the car that’s loaded down with all my stuff. K packs very lightly. He barely needs one suitcase. In fact, he just puts his stuff in my large suitcase. The stuff I take on every road trip is medicine, bipap, o2 concentrator, hose & mask for bipap, extra tubing/canulas, my gadgets, a copy of my medical records (Just in case!), 2 liquid oxygen portables, 2 liquid oxygen reservoirs, and a wheelchair. That’s not counting all the snacks, my purse, my pillows, duct tape and whatever else I can sneak in while K isn’t looking! Hey! I just want to be comfortable! You know? I do, however, take an emergency kit that I make myself. I’ll have to show you a picture of it. I can’t tell you how often it’s come in handy on the road.

I hope your day is full of excitement and adventure! If it’s not yet exciting, then try to find something that excites you! I went to Walmart on Monday (yesterday) and bought a skein of yarn to finish my Infinity Scarf! I was so excited when I finished it! Now on to my next project!


2 thoughts on “Random Picture Day #3

  1. You a Canon lover or a Nikon lover? I can’t tell by the strap. I have both, but it’s best to stick with one or the other after you start buying lens.

    • It’s a Sony digital camera. I’ve had it for years. My smaller lens broke and I had a heck of a time finding a replacement lens at an affordable price. Thank goodness for Amazon! I love my camera. I have a 35 mm Minolta camera too which I love. I really like black and white pictures.

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