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Living On Oxygen for Life

Gosh, a long time ago and even now, I’m big on crayons! Hey! Hey! You are never too old for crayons. It was nearing Christmas and in the apartment that we were living in we didn’t have a fireplace (not that we could light it because I used oxygen then too). But, how was Santa going to come to our apartment if we didn’t have a fireplace? I mean, come ON! I was such a good girl! *wink* This was the logic that I used on K, my husband when I pulled out my big box of crayons and bought some butcher paper at Hobby Lobby.

I’m not a great artist. I can barely draw but this time I had inspiration on my side and determination to have that fireplace!! Seriously… I was on a mission.. a Christmas mission. So I drew it with a pencil at first and then the crayons took over. I started to get worried that I would run out of my red crayon. But don’t fear… oh no.. I had a backup 96 count of crayons on standby. Hey, bricks have to be red, right? The flames were my favorite to draw and color. haha!

When my masterpiece was finished, I taped my glorious fireplace on the wall and it was fabulous.

So, here it is to help you get you in the holiday spirit. Love to you all and may you have a beautiful holiday season. *hugs* to each of you! And don’t forget to FOLLOW MY BLOG if you are a new visitor. You won’t be disappointed! *big cheesy grin*



4 thoughts on “Off topic!

  1. I finnaly gave up years ago and bought one of those VHS fire places. Heck, I still run it on thanksgiving day and Christmas day. Yeah…you remember VHS. That was the thing before DVD. It ain’t HD but it still looks good. Course…it’s not art like this is, but it was cool. This would be great with nothing else.

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