There are going to be days like these…

Living On Oxygen for Life

It seems that my body and my brain has decided that they don’t care what time I wake up at night. Nor does it care that I can’t get back to sleep. So, awake I am at midnight writing to you. I went to bed at 8pm. Normally, I get myself into bed around midnight or 1am. I love the late night hours. It’s so quiet and peaceful because I don’t hear car traffic outside in our neighborhood. However, it’s really cold outside and this is an important factor to this story.

You see, yesterday (it’s officially yesterday’s tomorrow… hence the word “yesterday” being that it’s after midnight), it was near freezing outside and my pup, Rocco, desperately wanted to go outside to play. He didn’t know it was cold outside but he really wanted to go sniff the yard. You know, do dog things or whatever doggies do besides potty. I decided I would put on my jacket and my shoes to go outside for a few minutes just to make sure Rocco wasn’t visited by the neighbor’s dog (the neighbor’s dog sometimes escapes his back yard and has become BFFs with my Rocco).

The moment I step outside, it hits me like… whammo! People have a fire going in their fireplace. I don’t know how many were warming their toes with a fireplace fire but it was causing the outside air to wreak of burning wood. I felt it in my throat and down into my lungs. That’s how sensitive my lungs are… especially with the smell of burning wood, pepper, crab boil spices and cigarette smoke. Of course, I immediately went back inside and proceeded to kick myself for not remembering about other people wanting to light a fire. Unfortunately, Rocco was still outside and that meant I had to open the door again to let him and the smell of smoke in. So, the rest of the day, up to this point, I’ve been having trouble breathing. It’s slowly getting better though. Probably because everyone’s fire has died down.

Thanksgiving is almost here and I’m ready to get myself in the Christmas spirit. I still think it’s too early for Christmas music on the car radio though. Maybe I’ll be ready for that AFTER Thanksgiving. Since I wasn’t breathing well I decided to start working on a crocheted snowflake garland for my fireplace mantle. I probably should have made it all in white but I didn’t have enough white yarn. So, I went with blue and white. It’s nearly finished and I really love the look. It was so easy to crochet! Red Heart has great free patterns!



2 thoughts on “There are going to be days like these…

  1. My ex used to make those wee snowflakes too. I know all about the sleep problems. I have them too. I wake up around every hour or two. Sometimes I will do a Nebulizer and wake up to find the mouth piece on the floor and the neb still running. It’s 3:30 am and I don’t go to sleep until 4:00/5:00 am. I worked at night and I still am stuck on the night shift schedule even though I don’t work anymore. I have always been a night owl even when I was a wee boy. I’m just set up to haunt the night.😃 Some of my neighbors go to sleep at 8:00 pm. They miss ALL the prime time tv! They get up at 4:00am and just sit around and drink coffee in the dark. I just don’t get it. They have never seen a episode of the Walking Dead or NCSI. Can you believe that? 😃
    The smoke does not bother me. I live in BBQ CITY USA. We have monitors set up by the government to test our air because of all the BBQ pits in town. I have a outdoor fire pit I use sometimes because, like most men, I love watching the fire burn and cooking on it. I will tell you what really bothers my breathing though Christine, it’s grease in the air when I cook. I just can’t take it, and when I fry food, I must wear a dust mask to filter it as I live in a wee 92 year old farm house that I rent that has no vent fan above the stove. Cooking and baking are two of my favorite hobbys. They are a big part of my life. I bake my own bread every other day and spend hours each day cooking wonderful meals for myself and my neighbors. If I have to fry a lot of food I go outside and cook on my Coleman stoves so I can breath. I’m working on finding a house that I can afford that has a huge kitchen that I will be able to use to work in. It’s my wee dream. Lots of stoves, fridges, freezers and counter space to work in. And vent fans…lots of vent fans to suck the grease out of the air. Wish me luck!

    • Mmmm… homemade bread sounds so yummy right now. I love the smell of bread baking. I finally went back to bed and slept some more but I sure feel like a train wreck because this has been 2 nights in a row with getting up in the middle of the night. UGH! I don’t watch either of those shows. I like the tv show Revelation (sp?) and watching movies. For someone who loves to cook, you deserve a house with a huge kitchen! Something with a double oven and lots of workspace! *hugs* I’ve never heard of having trouble with the grease in the air. That’s unusual. I’m just glad it doesn’t keep you from doing what you love … cooking!

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