A last minute birthday vacation!

Living On Oxygen for Life

What!?!? Another birthday vacation?? Oh! Don’t worry… I don’t think I’m THAT important. This one is for my husband, K. He really surprised me by requesting this vacation back to New Orleans. Since he is someone who thinks his birthday is just another day (you know how it feel about birthdays!), I was first surprised and then excited!

This roadtrip started out a bit rocky with the preparations to go. I ended up with a migraine 2 days prior to leaving. I required a LOT of serious praying (is there any other kind?) and a lot of extra strength Excedrin. Finally, within hours of leaving for the roadtrip, the headache lifted. Whew!!!

So, here we are in New Orleans about to go on a bus tour. My breathing has been pretty good so far because we are using my wheelchair. I can’t wait to show you some of my pictures!