I’m home from New Orleans!

Living On Oxygen for Life

Life is good! You like my festive Christmas background? Well, I’m home from my little road trip to celebrate my husband’s birthday. He chose what he wanted to do which totally surprised me. He considers his birthday as just another day. That is so wrong! Am I right or what? Every birthday is very important! Maybe it’s a guy thing. What do you think?

Well, K chose to return to New Orleans because we kinda fell in love with the place. It’s filled with rich culture and so much history that we couldn’t possibly absorb it all on our previous stop over trips on our way to Destin, Florida last September. This time we visited different locations within the French Quarter and also took a VIP City Bus Tour. The tour alone taught us so much, especially about New Orleans burial process (very interesting!), the effects of the Katrina Hurricane, and some of the history behind the St. Louis Cathedral. So a shout out to Henry our tour guide!! Thanks mister!

It was really humid in New Orleans and I was plagued with shortness of breath and some serious killer headaches periodically. I was wheeled around in my handy-dandy wheelchair. We didn’t get a chance to brave riding the street cars this time but I really want to try it. That is, if we can figure out the schedules of those darn things! Below are four pictures of our vacation.

St. Louis Cathedral

There were candles in the entrance of the St. Louis Cathedral and close to the alter. So, K took my picture there.

Jackson Square

This was taken from within the Jackson Square which was named after the President Andrew Jackson. In the background you can see the St. Louis Cathedral.

Trees in a Park

I love photography but I hate it when I’m tired because I don’t concentrate enough to get the best picture of something so beautiful. This was in a park located near the St. Louis Cemetery No. 3 which we visited while on our VIP City Bus Tour. I got lots of pictures while in there but I didn’t know if you wanted to see those!


Ok, I couldn’t help taking a picture of this guy. The famous Zoltar! He’s like the one from the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks. Who doesn’t like that movie??

On another note, it’s been very, very cold here in Texas. I’m talking below freezing and now K is stuck at his Mom’s house *snicker* because it rained freezing rain and sleet. It’s a mess here. Rocco is missing his daddy something fierce. The poor little guy. Yes, yes, I miss him too but at least I get to talk and text to him. My cat Mary was crying for him this morning around 5am which is when K normally wakes up for work. The poor girl. She’s so loyal. Thankfully, the power has not failed here but K’s mom’s house has been without electricity for a whole day. Man, I am so darn lucky. *Knock on Wood* and *praying to the good Lord above!*

Everyone stay warm! Be well. I’m about to grab this great book I’m reading and dive back into it. I first read Everneath and now I’m reading Everbound. I can’t wait to read the 3rd book! I download ebooks and audiobooks from my local library straight to my cellphone because I read so much that I couldn’t afford it otherwise! Books are expensive! haha! Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “I’m home from New Orleans!

  1. I absolutely love New Orleans. Everywhere you look, there is something historical and interesting. And speaking of books, have you read Ruined by Paula Morris? It’s set in New Orleans and is a pretty interesting ghost story.

    • Hi Jennifer! I have not read Ruined but I will check it out once I’m finished with Everbound. New Orleans is an interesting place! I love it too. It kind of drawls you back to visit again and again. I hope you are doing well. *hugs*


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