About your stuffy nose and bipap– UPDATE!

Living On Oxygen for Life

I have put forth the question to Breathe Right (by GlaxoSmithKline):

I use Breathe Right because I use a bipap machine to help me breathe while sleeping and when I need to rest. They really work for me. I also write a blog about Living On O2 for Life and I’ve recommended Breathe Right on my blog. You even have a free sample form on your website but it’s only for US residents. Is there a chance for that to be expanded to outside the US? There are people on my blog who would like to try these before buying them.

This is their reply:

Christine – We’re so happy that Breathe Right helps you sleep better and thank you for recommending us! Unfortunately, our Facebook page is associated with the United States. We would recommend telling your readers to reach out to the GSK customer care line in their respective countries to inquire about samples.

Here is a link to click to find their contact information for the country you live in. I truly hope this helps the international readers of my blog. For me, I wanted to try them out before I bought them. Now, I make sure I have them in my house because there are nights where my stuffy nose doesn’t ever clear up enough for me to fall asleep.

http://www.gsk.com/worldwide.html I hope they are able to send you a free sample of Breathe Right Strips if you are wanting to try before you buy.

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