About your stuffy nose and bipap– UPDATE!

Living On Oxygen for Life

I have put forth the question to Breathe Right (by GlaxoSmithKline):

I use Breathe Right because I use a bipap machine to help me breathe while sleeping and when I need to rest. They really work for me. I also write a blog about Living On O2 for Life and I’ve recommended Breathe Right on my blog. You even have a free sample form on your website but it’s only for US residents. Is there a chance for that to be expanded to outside the US? There are people on my blog who would like to try these before buying them.

This is their reply:

Christine – We’re so happy that Breathe Right helps you sleep better and thank you for recommending us! Unfortunately, our Facebook page is associated with the United States. We would recommend telling your readers to reach out to the GSK customer care line in their respective countries to inquire about samples.

Here is a link to click to find their contact information for the country you live in. I truly hope this helps the international readers of my blog. For me, I wanted to try them out before I bought them. Now, I make sure I have them in my house because there are nights where my stuffy nose doesn’t ever clear up enough for me to fall asleep.

http://www.gsk.com/worldwide.html I hope they are able to send you a free sample of Breathe Right Strips if you are wanting to try before you buy.

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4 thoughts on “About your stuffy nose and bipap– UPDATE!

  1. My boss used those and swore by them. Don’t know if you know what Colloidal silver is Christine. I make my own with a silver generator but the Colloidal silver works very well on my stuffy nose as well as almost everything else. I mostly use 10 ppm strength. That’s parts per million.

  2. I can get the strips on Amazon, but would like to ask, how long do you think a box would last? (ball park, how often do you replenish stcok) Do they have a Best By…date? (How long before they no longer work properly) Do you use the regular or large size Christine? Any adivce welcome. I find the my nose gets stuffy quite a bit as I use nasal pillows with my Bipap.

    • Let’s see. I bought a box of 26 Breathe Right Strips and since I don’t use them every night, it will last me a month or so. Though, lately, I’ve had to use them every night. For some reason, my nose has gotten more stuffy than usual when I’m about to go to bed, making it difficult to breathe with my bipap. You know how that is. Grr.. So, about once a month, I will buy a box of them and if I have extra, at least I will always have them handy. I use the Extra Clear for Sensitive Skin kind. They do not have an expiration date. Think of them as if they are bandaids. I don’t think bandaids have expiration dates either. You have to put them on properly. There is a graphic type of instructions on each strip to show you where to place them on your nose. If you have any other questions, let me know. I think I have a picture of me wearing one if you want to see it. I look hideous but I think I can suck it up and post it if it will help people to see it. haha! As long as no one laughs too hard! lol! 😉

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