Random Picture Day #4


Living On Oxygen for Life

Wow this picture is old! This was taken on Halloween (1991) before I was married. I was just dating K at the time and chose to dress in K’s work attire. Yes, y’all, K was a chef and I worked as a telemarketer for nearly 3 years. I worked this job until my health got the best of me. It was a terrible job because I hated pushing things onto other people even though sometimes they could actually benefit from it. I normally sold AT&T long distance calling plans. Please don’t hate me! It was job that provided me with health insurance which was VERY important at the time.

What you are looking at in this picture are my last days before I had to start using oxygen 24/7 and start using a bipap. Looking at me, you’d never know what my health problems were like. The stress from working 40 hours a week started causing heart rhythm problems as well as chest pain and shortness of breath. I felt worn down a lot. This was my first full time job. My mother had told me that I would have never been able to work full time. I should have listened to her. There just was no other way to get health insurance for me and the health problems that I had, made finding a health insurance outside of a job impossible. There was that pre-existing condition clause that got me every time or it was just too expensive.

When I look at this picture of me it makes me laugh and then sigh with a little sadness. I look silly in K’s clothes. I didn’t feel like starching K’s chef hat so that it would stand up stiff like it should be. I thought I’d give myself a goofy look with it smushed down like it is in the picture. I was always quick with a smile even back then when my health was changing fast.

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2 thoughts on “Random Picture Day #4

    • It was Halloween and we all dressed in costume! I didn’t know what else I could dress as with such a LOW budget! lol! So, I went as a chef. Unfortunately, they would have frowned at me if I had brought his knives to work. lol!

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