How to Make Your Oxygen Using Guest Feel Comfortable in Your House

Living On Oxygen for Life

I don’t ALWAYS write posts that are to be read by just the oxygen user. This post is mainly for those who have oxygen users in the family or those who care for an oxygen user. Christmas is coming (in fact it’s only a day and a half away!) and you’re going to have a guest in your house who uses oxygen. What, you ask, do I need to keep in mind to help the person feel more comfortable? Here are some tips:

  • In general, they don’t like being fussed over but they do need help. When they get to your house, they will need help moving their oxygen in the place that best suites their needs. Hopefully, it will be a central location that will allow their canula to stretch the distance between kitchen, bathroom, & wherever the life of Christmas & family will be in your house. (assuming the person is using a long canula)
  • If they are using an electrical concentrator, make sure it’s in a well ventilated area.
  • Do not have an open flame or fireplace within at least 5 feet of oxygen whether the oxygen is in use or not (especially liquid oxygen or e-cylinders). In fact, if you have the fireplace going, ask the oxygen user if the smell of the fireplace bothers them. You’d be surprised how many people who uses oxygen and that problems being around a fireplace and even an outdoor grill. Myself included. The smoke irritates my lungs and it makes it so much harder to breathe. So, it’s better to ask if you already have one going. Hopefully, you have doors on the fireplace that you can close off the fire if needed.
  • Do not smoke inside or around the oxygen user. I know it may be cold outside but smoke really irritates the lungs. Better yet! You should quit smoking! We want to keep you around for a long time!!!
  • For me, using a 50 foot canula at a guests house makes me feel like I’m constantly underfoot with the thing. So, your guest may too. Just watch your feet and try not to stand or trip over the thing. I always tell people that it’s ok to walk on it briefly but just don’t stand on it. It will cut off the oxygen. Then, I’d collapse and turn blue! haha!
  • Generally, when the oxygen user talks less, they are probably getting tired. Talking takes lung power and energy as does eating. Maybe a nice quiet place for the oxygen-using guest would be perfect for them to get a quick nap. Usually, 30 minutes to an hour is all it takes to re-energize.
  • These are some basic tips to go by. Just use some common sense. Remember, oxygen users want to have fun too. If you’d like to follow along with this blog, just subscribe and you will get an email each time I post a new entry here. I’d love to hear your comments. Do you have any tips to add? The subscription box is in the right column.


    7 thoughts on “How to Make Your Oxygen Using Guest Feel Comfortable in Your House

    1. merry xmas christine and to K too. i have been reading your blog for several months, and enjoy it. i am way lucky, 75 yrs old, just diagnosed, only have to use oxygen at nite. your stories make me realize how good i have (and have had) it. good luck with the knitting (or is it crocheting). i didn’t sign up for the afhgan (sp?) drawing, as i am a crazed quilter, surrounded with quilts, and have many in the works. i have inundated family and friends but cant seem to change hobbies. i just got my t-shirt from haley lynn, i think it came from your site. very nice.
      keep up the good work..

      • Hi Linda!
        Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you are well. I truly appreciate that you read my blog and enjoy it. I really enjoy writing it! 🙂 I’m very glad that you have life easier than me. I’m sure there are people who are unfortunately worse off than me and I pray for them. Maybe they will come across my blog and find something they were looking for.

        Linda I crochet. However, to tease me, K calls what I do as “knittin’.” Like he’ll say,”Don’t you have some knittin’ to do?” He’s so silly. I always wanted to learned to quilt but I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Or I just didn’t have enough patience for quilting. If you love quilting as much as you say, then you should get a booth and start selling them at a craft fair.

        I haven’t received Haley’s designed t-shirt yet but I told her no rush. When it gets here it gets here. Ian excited to wear it and support the cause for raising awareness of Pulmonary Hypertension. It came from


      • Hello Theo! Being on oxygen sure can be a pain sometimes. But as I see it, it sure beats the alternative. Right? I’ve got the timing of my liquid oxygen portable down. Just last night I was wishing that K could just take my portable to the car to refill it off the 75lb reservoir we keep in it so I wouldn’t have to walk out in the cold. But, it doesn’t work out that way for me because I have to have oxygen 24/7. So, even though I was tired from all the family fun I had to walk out to my van to refill my tank. It’s times like this when wearing oxygen becomes a pain. 😉 Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas!


    2. All good advice Christine. How about the next time you turn blue you get K to snap a quick pic of that. I’m sure we would all enjoy seeing that. LOL!!! Just kidding of course.🎅

    3. I forgot to add that smoke doesn’t seem to bother me too bad but grease in the air from frying and cooking tears me up badly. I have to wear a dust mask when I fry something. I don’t know if others have this problem or not, but I sure do.

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