Merry Christmas!!! – December recap!


Living On Oxygen for Life

It has been a crazy, adventurous month. K and I started the month with our trip to New Orleans to celebrate his birthday. During this trip, I had a MASSIVE migraine but I toughed it out so that K could have as much of a birthday that he wanted. My personal opinion is that I deserve a golden star for that! haha! Anyway, we made it home only for K to go to work and then get stuck staying at his mother’s house due to the ice storm we had the next day we got home. I say “stuck” but really K chose to spend the night there because it is much closer to his work than driving all the way home and then attempt to skate on the ice to work the next morning. This overnight at his parent’s house turned into 5 days there with one of those days having no power. Naturally, he only packed one day of clothes for this supposedly overnight stay. We had 2 to 4 inches of ice on all the streets for days and days!

Thankfully, I had power the whole time and K got his parent’s wifi hooked back up so that we could FaceTime each other. Rocco was seriously missing his daddy. So the FaceTime helped Rocco too! Technology… gotta love it! I wasn’t worried about my oxygen because the day after we got home from New Orleans and the day of the beginning of the ice storm (same day), I got my oxygen refilled. See??? I think of these things! haha!

Well, while K was at his mom’s for the extended vacation for me… whoops! Did I say that? I mean for this unplanned extended emergency stay… I was in charge of starting K’s car. Oh yeah… I didn’t mention that K had my van.. *grumble grumble* You see, his car is SOOOO temperamental in freezing temperatures.. as in the battery dies if it doesn’t get started every couple of days. So, I started it and it worked ok but when he FINALLY made it home, I was so excited thinking I was going to get my van back. He’s all ready to leave for work and hops in his car and the darn thing doesn’t start! I’m like… OH COME ON!!! REALLY??? No… REALLY??? (I’m sure you are picturing me stomping my foot also) You know what that means, right? No van for Christine which translates into no shopping and no labs getting done on time either.

Ok.. so we’re thinking it was the battery, right? It’s only the logical next step.. surely! K then goes to buy a new battery and installs it… goes to crank it over and the thing is still dead. Still no van for Christine! By now, I’ve got serious cabin fever and a shortage of food in the house. K does take me grocery shopping the next day though. YEA! We can eat again! Then we get the news of what’s wrong with K’s car. Let’s just say it’s much, much more than what we thought it would be… I feel silly thinking that it was just the battery.

Let’s see… what’s next? I made a fantastic cheesecake for the in-law’s Christmas party, errand running and had 2 doctor appointments all in the same weekend which was last weekend. Yesterday was a very tiring day. I spent a lot of the day resting with my bipap on. I couldn’t help it. The H1N1 (Swine Flu) is going around pretty badly in Texas this year. So, I’m being very careful about staying rested and away from sick people.

Today, I got really adventurous and pulled out our little 3 foot Christmas tree from the back room closet. K hasn’t really felt the Christmas bug this year. So I thought I would surprise him by putting up at least our little tree with decorations.

Christmas 2013 Tree

I secretly bought him a few Christmas presents that I wrapped today. I hope he’s surprised. Now all I need to do is fix something for dinner. The good news is that K’s car is now fixed but will have to stay at the shop until the day after Christmas since they close early today (like at 2pm). I hope everyone has had a calmer December! I wish for all of you to have a safe, warm and a very Merry Christmas! *hugs* to each and everyone of you.


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