Random Picture Day #5

I was waiting for K to setup the camera timer and it took my picture too early. Hence, no smile!

I was waiting for K to setup the camera timer and it took my picture too early. Hence, no smile!

Living On Oxygen for Life

Today I am posting two pictures for you since they come from the same time period and location. As a surprise, I arranged a little vacation getaway for K and my anniversary and my birthday (which happens to be on the same day!). As a child, I liked going camping. K, as a child, did not like to go camping. However, I decided I’d risk it because the place that I selected had a beautiful cabin with an AWESOME hot tub out back. How can you turn down a hot tub??

So, I got everything arranged secretly… He had no idea where we were going. K got the right days off from work and we piled all my stuff in the van. You know.. oxygen, bipap, extra tubing, clothes, food, K’s knives, more food and our rubber chicken (at that time it was Poke Jr.) This all happened in 2005 which is the year before I started Tracleer. I had more energy back then. It was so quiet and no one bothered us. We just showed up and unloaded. There was a pit for a fire and lots of trees. I have to admit.. I was a little worried about snakes! The weather was perfect.

We did have an adventure though. We went off to find a store for something we forgot. I don’t remember what that was but as we got lost, we found a casino! Woohooo! Did we stop in? Of course we did! I even got $10 in credit because we went on my birthday! It was great!!! haha! I even won some money. What a birthday, huh?

We also went out to search for Turner Falls. It’s located really close to where we stayed. It was really beautiful with the waterfall cascading over the rocks. Look at that old fashion cellphone! haha! Even though K isn’t too keen on camping, we had a really good time. Love does that for you. I hope you enjoy looking at photos of my life. Don’t forget to FOLLOW my blog so you can see more of what’s to come!

Turner Falls, OK

Turner Falls, OK

9 thoughts on “Random Picture Day #5

    • Well, uh… I don’t know how to swim actually. I drowned once when I was about 2 years old. My dad found me on the bottom of the pool at their friend’s house. I was reaching for a pool ball and it floated away from the edge… and in I went. Since then, I’ve had this serious fear of water. =o) I’ll get into a swimming pool but I don’t let anyone near me except a few people that I trust.


      • I’m with you on that one Christine, which is sad considering I live in a desert and everyone has a pool. it takes too much energy to make it worth my while.
        A fused neck doesn’t make it any easier 😉

      • So, are you saying you have a fear of water or is the swimming that takes too much effort and wears you out? The pressure of the water against my lungs makes it terribly hard to breathe if the water is up to my shoulders. I’ll lean over a raft or an inner tube in the pool to keep my lungs mostly out of the water…. To be able to breathe.

  1. Oh, yes! Someone who gets it!
    When I have a cold and it becomes difficult to breathe, I’ll try to explain the feeling to my parents or the doctor by comparing it to the pressure of being shoulders-deep in the pool. They don’t get it, which can be frustrating. I do enjoy wading in the pool though. Nothing to fear unless you’re pool doubles as a shark tank 😉

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