Random Picture Day #6


Living On Oxygen for Life

Oh yes.. we are going way, way, way back in the past of my life with this picture. Get your plaid bellbottoms on and step back into the 1970s with me for a bit. This is the house that I grew up in for nearly 10 years of my childhood. If you look on the right side of the picture, you will see the farmer’s corn field that we lived behind and also the forest of Short Story part 1 that I wrote about. This house has changed colors while I lived there from blue to green and back to blue again. It’s all wood too, which isn’t very helpful since we lived in the Tornado Alley. I can remember many of times that my sisters and I were woken up in the middle of the night to run to the closet under the staircase because a tornado was coming.

My parents bought this house when I was a toddler. Since I had so much trouble with being short of breath and heart trouble, my parents put my bedroom downstairs in a room that was meant to be an office or something like that. My bedroom door was actually a set of french doors. I thought I was pretty special because I had a bathroom that connected to my room like Mom and Dad! Everyone else’s bedrooms were upstairs. My short stories that I posted on my blog are based on my memories of this house and the fun I had here.

I guess you are wondering about the surrey. My little sister and I (and I think that my cousin is the driver!) are who you see in the picture. In fact, you can see the back of my grandpa’s head in the garage entrance. He’s the one who built the surrey from parts he found and my grandma had sewn the fringed cover. She has always loved crafts and sewing which is where I think I got my craft bug from. This surrey was awesome and it got a lot of action out of us kids! My little sister did most of the pedaling because I would tire out too fast. We even rode in it during a parade which was a VERY long and tiring pedal job!

I think my mom had to make a lot of my clothes or shirts because I wore a Milwaukee Back brace at this age too. So, shirts had to be big enough to fit over the brace and the neck opening had to be a little more roomy for the top of the brace. I always had to wear an undershirt because I wore one beneath the brace to help prevent rubbing my skin raw. My dad would take my brace off once a day and that’s when he used witch hazel on the pressure points where the brace would rub. Usually my hips, my right shoulder blade (scapula), and under my neck. For a long time, there was a dark brown bruise-like discoloration under my chin. My chin would always be up against the chin piece of the brace. You can see the brace I’m talking about here, under The Braces section of my blog. Scroll to the bottom of that page and the Milwaukee Brace will be there.

If you haven’t guessed already, I am the one with the blue shoes! Try not to laugh over my hair cut. It had to be short or my hair would get caught in the screw that closed the top of the brace which is in the back. I may have had a lot of doctor appointments and trouble during the winter with catching pneumonia occasionally, my life as a child was a good one.

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4 thoughts on “Random Picture Day #6

  1. Real cute. I have never heard of a surrey. How do you steer it?
    I used witch hazel as part of my homemade aftershave the other day. Good stuff.
    After reading about what all you have gone through Christine, it makes me feel lucky that I haven’t had to go through as much as you have. What a trooper you are! How lucky is K to have you as inspiration for life!
    Oh, and by the way…I want that station wagon. No…really…I want it! I am so sick of SUV’s that get 13 miles per gallon that I could just GAG! Why do they keep making them when they could go back and make pretty station wagons that get great mileage and really, hold more? I refuse to buy another one of the bloody gas hogs! I’m going to buy a moped and put a milk box on the back of it. Get me a little backpack to tote my oxygen bottle in. I’ll show them! You betcha. 😃

    • You know, I just don’t know whose station wagon that was. I don’t ever remember my parents having one. Perhaps it’s my grandparents. I never realized they got good gas mileage either. haha! Why don’t you get a minivan like me! It gets pretty good gas mileage (around 22mpg) and it hauls a lot of my stuff! I think a moped would be a sweet ride, except in the winter! =o)

  2. I’ve looked at mini vans. While they might hold all my gear, as you say, 22mpg is not that great. By the time you add all the goodies you want on one, they end up costing a lot of money. Chrysler has even put an analog clock back in theirs. Can you believe that? I bet it will work for 2 years before it breaks and they want to charge you 500 bucks for labor because they will have to pull the whole dash out to get to it. Sigh! ;o)

    • Awh… Chrysler going old-school, eh? As for the bells and whistles on vehicles, I prefer mine to be kept simple and less distracting from my driving. Staying alert is hard enough without being distracted by pushing buttons and whatnots. I try to be careful about when I drive since my CO2 is higher than normal.

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