Crazy day…

Living On Oxygen for Life

Have you ever had one of those days where you spend all day thinking all is going really well and you are rested up for grocery shopping? Everything is right with the world. You’re getting excited because this is the weekend that your honey has Saturday AND Sunday off from work. You’re thinking that when he gets home from work, you’ll both go shopping for food and whatever else that entices you to buy at Walmart. You’ll come home and then spend the rest of the weekend chillin’, right? Because today is Friday. It… is… Friday. I put makeup on and I look healthy and nice. So I feel good too because I made an effort to look good. When K gets home from work, he notices and I ask him, “Don’t I look good?” I do that playfully because it’s my way of letting him know that I’m having a pretty good day health wise.

So, K and I are walking into Walmart, we pick a cart that just happens to be a seriously defective cart. I mean, one of the front wheels is sideways! I wanted to get another cart but K was like… “This will be fine.” You know me.. thoughts were stirring in my head, such as… this is going to be too hard to push, especially loaded up with food even though K pushes it most of the time. But, I muster through the urge to go back to get another cart by asking K what he would like to do tomorrow since he has the day off. And that is when he looks at me funny. I say funny but his “funny” is like a serious look and he tells me that he has to work tomorrow which TOTALLY confuses me. I mean, tomorrow is Saturday.. right? Isn’t it? What? Wait a minute… That’s what was going on in my head. We are standing there in Walmart debating about what day it is because I am losing my mind, obviously. He was like, “Chris, you got your oxygen refilled yesterday and you get it done on Wednesdays, remember?” And I was like, “That was yesterday?”

I have trouble remembering things. Having a high CO2 over the years must have done things to my memory. I can remember long term memories ok but when it comes to short term memories, it sometimes gets a little lost. To be able to remember the short term things, I usually have to be really relaxed or have clues. K helps at times by giving me hints or clues or reminders.. whatever you’d like to call them. But the funny thing of the moment in Walmart was, even though I felt silly for thinking it was the wrong day, K said…”But hey, you look good!” All through Walmart, when I got tired or couldn’t decide on something, he’d say that phrase: “But hey, you look good!” because I wore makeup and by then it was something that made both of us laugh.

So, I guess tomorrow is Friday. Here’s to hoping YOUR “Friday” was fun! *wink*


7 thoughts on “Crazy day…

  1. I can relate to the problems with short term memory. I also blame it on chronically high CO2, although I have trouble convincing anybody. They keep trying to blame it on menopause, but I know it’s more than that!

  2. I am now also menopausal and retain co2, so my memory is doubly pathetic. The worst part is I’ve always been known in the family as a ‘walking filofax’ and could instantly recall everything from dentist appointments, to great aunt Hilda’s wedding anniversary, and I only had to dial a phone number once and it was immediately stored for future retrieval.
    My hubbie relied on me so much because his memory has always been atrocious (he’s an absent minded professor type!) so now I have to write down every detail of our lives, immediately, before it disappears forever into what is laughingly known as my ‘forgettery’.

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