Random Picture Day #7

Texas Rangers

Living On Oxygen for Life

What fun! In 2011 the Texas Rangers were in the World Series. So, K and I decided to visit the gift shop in the stadium. Boy was it ever crowded! They were selling out of stuff fast! K snapped this picture of me showing off the banner that was hanging on the stadium. Practically next door is the Cowboy stadium that we like to refer to the Death Star. You know, like on Star Wars!

Today I am taking it easy because I’m going grocery shopping when K gets home from work. Not really excited about it but it’s nice to have food in the house when we need it. haha! I also want to remind you that there is only one more day for you to get your name entered for the Need a Hug? giveaway! Click the link in the menu to find out how you can enter. The drawing is on February 1st.

I really appreciate and enjoy the emails that people have sent to me. I do answer each one. I’ve enjoyed getting to know some very kind people who have found my blog. It makes writing fun! *GASP* Oh nuts! I forgot I have eyeliner on and I’ve been rubbing my face. Guess what y’all? I’m afraid to look at myself now. lol! I have black streaks on my palms. Oops! I guess it is back to the drawing board before K gets home or he’ll think I’ve become a raccoon! lol! Love to you all and stay healthy!


4 thoughts on “Random Picture Day #7

  1. Your blog always brings a smile to my face and again is always full of inspiration . I also learn a lot. Thanks for the information friendship and help you bring to us all.

    Love & GOD BLESS

    • Thank you Michelle! I try hard but I had a little crisis for a minute so this blog entry was cut short! All is good now though. My face is fixed! Wheww!! Not that it’s a big deal with me and wearing makeup. It’s just that I felt like looking a little more healthy today since I’m getting out of the house. My face is pretty pale naturally and it shows the dark circles under my eyes. Lots of love to you! *hugs*

    • Sorry to say that no pork chops were bought this time. *sigh* I know, so sad. However I did buy 2 HUMONGOUS boxes of Junior Mints just for lil’ ol’ me!!! They are bigger than the theater sized boxes! YEA!!!! They are sitting in the freezer ready for me at moment’s notice. hehe! I hope I can save some for the Super Bowl.

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