Parts and Pieces of a Bipap…

Living On Oxygen for Life

Over the last couple of years that I have been blogging about living on oxygen, I’ve noticed many people are asking questions about the Bipap. Many topics come up about the bipap machine, such as:

    How to adjust to using them.
    How to breathe when you have stuffy nose.
    How to qualify to have a bipap.

These are just a few of the questions I’ve tried to cover in my blog. Today I put together another video for your viewing pleasure! This one covers the bits and pieces of a bipap machine and the parts to order from your Durable Medical Equipment company who prescribed the bipap machine for you. You can request these replacement parts every 6 months but be sure you check with your insurance company just to make sure that this is their policy too. Ask if there is a co-pay for ordering these parts.

This video is twice as long as the first video I did a few days ago only because I wanted to explain various parts of the bipap machine itself. But this video, I didn’t film in HD quality. It still looks good though! Yea me! I hope you like it. I’m kinda getting the hang of it and I’m starting to enjoy them.. hehe!

Here’s the video for you. I’m pretty goofy in it but enjoy it anyway!!! It’s about 18 minutes long. Enjoy!!


4 thoughts on “Parts and Pieces of a Bipap…

  1. I am so grateful I live in the UK. All I need to do is to ring up my pulmonary nurse at the local hospital and request a new part. No hassle, no worries about finances.
    Last week with all the storms we’ve been having here, I had my bipap alarm go off a dozen or more times. I’d read I needed to a marine battery and inverter to provide back-up. I rang my nurse for permission, and she said ‘Don’t bother. We have a proper Resmed battery back-up here, which you can keep permanently.’ These cost £400. It was sent next day.
    I think of you guys over there often (as well as in developing countries), trying to juggle your lives and keep yourselves healthy when you have to pay for so much of your health care needs. You really have my admiration, Chris, with your determined, sunny outlook,and practical approach to problems. Go get ’em girl!

    • Hi! I’m glad that you can get the things that you need without hassle and paying your arm and/or your leg to get them. How long will the Resmed battery back-up last when you use it and does it stay charged if not in use? I’m sure a lot of people here who use a bipap would benefit from your experience with the batteries. *hugs*

      • It took just two hrs to fully charge. I’m told, depending on your settings (mine are 9/5) it will last 6-8 hrs, though I’ve not tried it yet. Also, I’m told to check it once a month to make sure it is still full.
        We’ve had so many brown-outs here lately (where your electricity goes out just for a few seconds) that it was driving me insane. I also have an electrically operated anti pressure mattress and that,as well as my bipap, was needing to be re-set many times a night. I’ve recently moved to a downstairs bedroom built onto my house, and my other half is in the main house. After waking him (we have walkie talkies!) half a dozen times to come and reset the bed (the housing unit hangs off the bottom) I ended up crawling to the bottom and hanging off the end, in order to switch it myself then crawling back up and under the covers – extremely exhausting as I am paralyzed. (Hubbie was not impressed when I told him!) So, although I’ve solved the bipap problem, I still have the mattress problem; as far as I’m aware there’s no way round that one!

      • So cool! You have walkie-talkies! *jealous! You may want to test run your battery backup. I’d hate for you to need the battery during a brown out and it doesn’t work. You can always recharge it after the test. Right? Where is McGyver when you need him?? He could invent a handy way to flip the switch to reset the pressure mattress without waking up your husband. Wouldn’t that be awesome??? =o)


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