Ok! Let’s do this…

Living On Oxygen for Life

Are you ready for another “Need a Hug?” giveaway??? I’m thinking that you are saying…”Shoot yeah!” Right? Psh! Of course I’m right! Well, let’s get to it. Oh wait… First, let me tell you some stuff that I’ve had to deal with concerning my health. I had a bit of a scare over the last week-ish. With all that was going on with K’s family and with me overdoing it, my heart was letting me know… “Whoa.. what the heck are you doing? Slow down girl!” Naturally, I didn’t listen very well. I mean, I tried to rest when I could but resting wasn’t helping much. The more things I did physically, the more my heart was hurting. Chest pain is a scary thing. I wasn’t sure if it was caused by too much emotional stress or too much physical stress. Was it muscle pain or was it actually my heart hurting? I mean, how do you know?

During all that week, I was carrying my oxygen portable a lot but I also used my little cart to pull it around when I knew I had to do a lot of walking (and there was a lot of walking!). Even lifting and lugging it up to my shoulder wore me out. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not what I use to be but that’s ok. I persevered because I surely didn’t want to ask K to help me up from and down to the hospital parking garage just so that I can be with him and his family. I know.. I know… I should have paced myself better and then my breathing wouldn’t (I hope!) have been so strained causing more chest pain. I’m pretty hard-headed!

Anyway, I went to my doctor appointment last Friday and told him all about the chest pain and he decided to run an EKG just to play it safe. I was so thankful that the results turned out well. Yippee! I was super stoked until he said he wanted me to be referred to my Cardiologist. Crap! Another doctor appointment! So, I took a deep breath and hung my head and said….”Okay…” lol! I’m so goofy! I am feeling better now. So, I’m thinking that all this was caused mostly from stress. A couple of days of rest has done me well. Wheww!

And now for the next “Need a Hug?” giveaway!!! Click the “Need a Hug?” link in the menu above to know how to get your name entered. You need to be someone who uses oxygen and/or a bipap/cpap machine. If you have breathing problems and need a hug, enter your name!

March Giveaway

March Giveaway

This, above photo, is of a lapghan that is approximately 4’x4′. This giveaway is open to international entries as long as you can receive packages at your home. Follow my blog so you won’t miss a thing! Seriously! Do it! *wink*


6 thoughts on “Ok! Let’s do this…

    • Oh Bonnie…. Thank you so much for the prayers, hugs and your thoughtfulness. I’m so incredibly grateful for how kind all my readers have been. You and everyone are awesome Bonnie! *hugs*

  1. Chris…when you are in for the long run, pace your self and be aware how emotional stress has a greater impact on you sometimes than the physical!!! Love Ya,

    • Thanks Jim! Very good advice! I am finally back to normal now. Yea!! Love you too! *hug* I really tried hard to keep the emotional stress low but seeing K like that plus all the activity going on… Well, it hit me harder than I expected it to. It… being the chest pain.


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