We all need a “Me-Day” occasionally…

Living On Oxygen for Life

Mondays aren’t always full of madness nor do they feel like a train wreck waiting to happen. My Monday, this week, is filled with things that “I” want to do for me. You know… I’m having a “Me-Day.” Sounds like fun, right? I try to have a Me-Day once in a while. It’s something that helps me keep the worry and anxiety from life.

What do I do on my Me-Day, you ask? Today, I’m relaxing (sort of) while I watch Ripley (aka: Sigourney Weaver) kick some Alien butt. You go girl! I crocheted some today and I’m even thinking about making cookies too! But really, I thought I’d catch you up on what’s going on in my life lately. I know that not everyone uses Facebook (gasp!) and that’s where I sometimes post some of my daily goofy life stuff. Though, if you look in the right column of this blog, you can read those Facebook posts.

Lately, I’ve been getting my Summer project ready. You may know that last Summer’s project was for me to successfully keep my new dwarf lemon and dwarf lime trees alive. I’d like to announce that I have achieved this goal, shocking both K and myself. I even got 3 limes from one tree and currently I’m praying hard for the one lemon that’s growing to hang on!

This Summer, to keep me active, I’ve expanded my dwarf orchard (that’s what I’m calling it now!) by two more dwarf trees. I’m so excited to get them planted in half-barrel pots. One is a 5-in-1 dwarf apple tree and the other is a dwarf peach tree. I’m also planting a Raspberry bush and I started some tomato and cilantro seeds.

Maybe it may seem like too much for me to do but I explained to K that it’s what will make me happy and keep me from becoming sedentary. Being on oxygen and having shortness of breath (SOB) symptoms often, it’s very, very important for us oxygen users to stay active. So finding things that I can physically do while being safe at doing them can help maintain my level of health.

Pretty soon, since I live in Texas, I will have to start getting my body use to the Texas heat by starting with going out in the heat everyday for about five minutes. Texas is already starting to warm up into 80s. So slowly I will I increase the time outside before Summer rolls around which seems like mid April here.

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