There’s always HOPE…

Living On Oxygen for Life

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I ordered a very special necklace and received it this week! I am so thrilled with it. Ruthie, the designer of Josephine’s Jewelry has made this Awareness necklace for me. It brings awareness for more than Pulmonary Hypertension. It brings awareness to HOPE itself.

In my email to Ruthie, I said: “You know, there’s only one thing stronger, more powerful than fear and that’s HOPE. So, when I look at my new necklace and see the Hope charm, it reminds me to always have hope for better days with my Pulmonary Hypertension among many other things.”

Because of Ruthie, her generosity and desire to further the Awareness of Pulmonary Hypertension, I have a necklace just like this one to give away to one of my readers. This giveaway will start APRIL 1st, 2014 (and no, this isn’t an April Fools joke!). It will be open to everyone who has a mailing address who is willing to email me their information of name, location, and tell me about the one thing that gives YOU hope the most. Ruth has made the necklace with purple beads for Pulmonary Hypertension. However, she does custom colors for other types of Awarenesses. Just click on the link to see her webstore.

For this giveaway, you DO NOT have to have Pulmonary Hypertension to enter. If you’d like to give the necklace to a girlfriend, daughter, or mother who needs a boost of inspiration and HOPE, enter your information by emailing me at … Just remember the people who do have PH when you wear it! Let’s all push for a cure! Please follow my blog!

To Ruthie: I am so happy with my necklace and it brings me such joy when I see it in the mirror or reach up and feel it around my neck. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind generosity of offering this wonderful necklace so that we may spread the Awareness of such a silent, incurable disease as Pulmonary Hypertension. Hang tight… there will be a day when a cure comes!


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