Life is beautiful….

Living On Oxygen for Life

Life is beautiful. You just need to know how to find that beauty. It comes in actions, in words, kind gestures, and even the small creatures that we take time to capture in pictures. Photography is one of my passions. It’s something I can do without tiring myself out. It gives me joy and that “feel good” feeling when I see the pictures on the computer. Sometimes these pictures end up in an Shutterfly book or a mousepad. Wherever the pictures end up, I refer back to them when I feel a need to give myself a boost. They make me happy. So, I want to share them with others.

Lately, I’ve been busy. I went to my niece’s wedding and reception and I took my camera. It had been a while since I felt the pull to take pictures. I use to be a real shutterbug. My family could tell you that I would be very obnoxious with taking oodles of pictures of them, much to their irritation. They would know that when I took out my camera, I would go nuts snapping candid pictures. But you know, once they saw the pictures, they liked them.

With my niece’s reception, I was glad that I took my camera. I kind of grumbled about taking it because I didn’t want anything extra to carry around. However, during the wedding, while we and other guests were in reception area, I learned that the photographer wasn’t staying for the reception. So, I immediately started snapping up pictures of everyone there and I took pictures of the cake cutting. There aren’t many things that I feel I CAN do but taking pictures was something that I could do that made me feel useful.

Feeling useful is something I struggle with. With my energy declining and my breathing ability getting worse, pushing myself to do things that are harder now gets to be an internal struggle. But keeping myself moving forward and staying active keeps me alive.

So, seeing all the little things that are beautiful, such as a butterfly in flight or a botanical garden that looks like a jungle reminds me that life is beautiful.


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6 thoughts on “Life is beautiful….

  1. Ive just been to The Eden Project in Cornwall (google it!) It is the knd of place where you just cant stop snapping away. I only havve a small digital camera but took 55 photos and OH took over 160 (He has the big heavy camera I can hardly hold up!) Life really IS breautiful!

    • I Googled it!! That looks so cool and I love things that gets the community involved. Taking 160 pictures sounds about right for a “big heavy camera.” =o) Once you start taking pictures, it’s so hard to stop finding things to not take its picture… especially nature.

  2. I just love butterflies, beautiful pictures, Christine! Thank you so much for sharing them and everything else. You look beautiful, too šŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much. I had a good time seeing all the different butterflies. There were so many people there which made it difficult getting pictures of the butterflies while they were still.

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