Making an average day more exciting…

Living On Oxygen for Life

Life has been pretty interesting lately. The other day I went in to get a cervical CT Scan and noticed a sign that stated it was “Patient Appreciation Day.” Not sure what all that was about but since I’ve never been to this place, it sounded like they employed nice people. I arrived 30 minutes early partly because I wasn’t sure if I knew how to get there and didn’t want to arrive late and the other reason was because there is ALWAYS something to fill out or sign. I did find the building, only having to turn around once which is pretty awesome for me! I waited patiently to check in for my appointment while the reception lady was talking on the phone to whom I was assuming a patient. Ok she’s off the phone and yes, there was a form to fill out. But she said not to worry because it’s only one page. I’m like… YEA!!! Seriously, I said YEA!!! to her. She laughed. Of course, once I sat down and read some of the questions I was… like crap this is going to take a while.

  • Have you had any surgeries? If so, list them…
  • What medication do you take?
  • For many of the questions, I ran out of room on the page. I had to do the “turning the page sideways” to keep writing. Sometimes, I come to appointments to new places with a printout of all this information just to save myself time. When they called my name, they said for me to go into the room to the right. I have a really goofy personality. So I said to the guy, “OOoooh you have a whole room just for me!” Hey, it’s Patient Appreciation Day. I can get away with saying that. lol! It made the two people who heard me smile. Job done! Anyway, I get myself laid down on this really hard table… but hey, I got to keep my clothes on. I just had to take off my jacket because it had a zipper. So, all was cool for me until the tech guy said to close my eyes because eye movement can blur the images. Now, I don’t know if you realize that I’m a curious person. It was really hard keeping my eyes closed and not moving when all I wanted to do is look at everything in the room. Then I had saliva that I felt an overwhelming need to swallow right NOW but I couldn’t move. Why is it that when you aren’t suppose to do something, you really want to do it?

    After I got my CT Scan done, I went to get my monthly lab work done since I take Tracleer. Every month since 2006, I’ve been getting my blood drawn from the same location on the same arm. But first the lab personnel and I had to figure out which order I was suppose to get done. The doctor had sent lab orders every 2 weeks for some reason. Let me just say that the doctor’s computer system has some sort of demon in it and it’s causing all sorts of problems. I asked them to do the CMP and the CBC and we’ll call it a day. The tech stabs me and says, “Wow, you have some scar tissue.” Well, of course I do. The needle has stabbed me there 12 times a year for 8 years. That’s 96 stabbings! Of course, that’s only counting the last 8 years. My poor arm! I think they are going to have to find a new drilling site for blood next time.

    I finally made an appointment to see my Cardiologist to have him monitor my dilated ascending aorta. I’m a little nervous about it. I had to fill out a 9 page information packet for this appointment since it has been so long since I’ve seen him last time. My bad! hehehe!

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