Doctor Day!

Living On Oxygen for Life

This morning I had a doctor appointment with my cardiologist who I’ve had for the past 20 years (at least!). He’s a GREAT doctor and I truly trust him which is why I’ve stayed with him for so many years. He’s the one that finally found the medicine, Cordarone, to help my heart from skipping beats all the time. It was a very serious problem. When I say “found,” I mean we tried numerous types of cardiac anti-arrhythmic medications. Unfortunately, those medications like: beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers all create problems of SOB for me. With Cordarone, I didn’t have the problems that the other heart meds were causing me. It was a very scary moment in my past trying to get my heart back under control. I ended up being wheel-chaired straight from my cardiologist’s office through the parking lot and into the emergency room where I was directly given a room. This was all because of my non-stop irregular heartbeats. I had a week-long wonder and worry that I was going to die. My older sister (the one who came when K’s dad died) came down to help me and sit with me in the hospital. Anyway, it was pretty nerve-racking for not only me and my family but my cardiologist as well.

Today, I had my first back-to-see him visit in 5 years. Yeah, I procrastinated on setting up this appointment but my PH doctors were pretty insistent on having my cardiologist, Dr. M., keep track of my dilated ascending aorta which they call an aneurism. I have to tell you that it was a joy to walk in and not even tell them my name and they still recognize me. Sure, they knew I was coming but the others, once I got past the sacred door to the back rooms, acted as if they missed me. I was thinking… Wow! Do they treat ALL their patients so well?

First I have an EKG done which looked good. I talk to the doctor a bit and then I have my Echo done. What unnerved me a bit is that Dr. M came in to watch the Echo being performed. He was worried a little about the pressures, which use to be around 77 but thanks to Tracleer the pressure is at 51. He’s not as concerned about the dilated (4.6) aorta as the PH doctors, which is a little bit of a relief because I know and he knows that I’m really not a safe candidate for surgery. He will watch it on an annual basis though. He was concerned that I have no reason (medically) to have signs of a dilated aorta. He and I are wondering if Tracleer could be causing this. He recommended that I ask the PH doctor try me on the new Tracleer-type medicine that has just come out. It has less side effects as Tracleer. I haven’t had much luck with other PH meds but since Dr. M asked, then I would give it a try. Sorry that I don’t know what the name of it is. Dr. M. couldn’t remember its name.

I also talked to him about Cordarone. It works great for me but it has one bad side effect. It can cause fibrosis of the lungs. My PH doctors are worried. So, I asked if there was any new heart medicines that I could take for my problem. The look on his face was comical. It made me smile. He does not want to go through what we went through when I first had my heart rhythm problem. He has decided to send me to another cardiac specialist who deals with the electrical problems of the heart. Maybe that doctor will know of something. Shuffle… Shuffle… Shuffle… from one doctor to another. My life’s story. haha!

Life is still good. I’m home to rest up and then I will head out the door to meet up with K at his Mom’s house so we can all visit a plant nursery. I’m really excited. Maybe I can talk K into buying me some more ice cream. hehe! Never hurts to ask!

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