The Weather Blows…

Living On Oxygen for Life

I get this phone call telling me I have to get up from my nap and go fax something IMPORTANT. Keyword: Important… which means that I HAVE to get up and go. So, I get up and get ready to leave all excited because now I have an excuse to go to Walmart. I mean, hey, if I’m getting out of the house… why not make it to my advantage. Right? I’ve been thinking about crocheting a cotton rug for the kitchen.

I gather all my things like paperwork, purse, oxygen tank (can’t leave home without that!) and my keys. I sit in my van in the garage, a little out of breath, resting a moment. I notice that it’s getting warmer outside because the garage is warm. Pretty good deducing on my part, right? I know, I’m a regular Sherlock Holmes! haha! So, I crank the a/c on in my van and back out of the driveway. Whooo… the sun is bright on this weird gloomy day. I pop on my sunglasses because you know I have extra sensitive eyes when it comes to sunlight. NO! I’m not a vampire! I leave all that blood-sucking to the Lab technicians! It’s thankfully not Labwork day.

I get to where I’m going and notice there are NO close parking places next to the door. That means I have walk which is not my favorite thing when I have to tote my own portable oxygen tank. But, remember, this is IMPORTANT! So, out of the van I go. HOLY SMOKES! It’s really, really humid and I’m huffing and puffing like I’m a dragon or something that huffs and puffs. Not really attractive, I know, but I’ve got to get that air in my lungs somehow. I’ve already got my oxygen up on 6LPM. So depressing.

I get done with the IMPORTANT thing that I HAD to do and now I have to walk back to my van in the hot humid weather outside. Not looking forward to it but I went. I get to my van and decide right there that I just don’t think going to Walmart is going to make my itinerary today. It’s just too difficult for me to breathe. I had great intentions but when it comes to the weather… I’m at its mercy. Hot humid weather kicks my butt every time.

So, now I’m at home finding something constructive and entertaining to do while the weather blows by. There is potential for a storm this evening. My lungs and head feel it before it arrives. No worries, for there is always tomorrow. An adventure awaits me tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “The Weather Blows…

  1. The heat and humidity hit me the same so I feel your pain. We went antiquing the weekend before last and even though many of the buildings were inside and air conditioned, it was just still way too hot to handle. What is the worst for me seems to be going in and out from cool areas to warm areas and then back. But I love how you ended with the adventure awaits tomorrow. 😉

  2. As you know, I live in the great, white north and haven’t had the pleasure of dealing with humidity yet. Our Summers do get quite humid so I’m not looking forward to that. The terribly, cold winter was brutal on the lungs, though. Hopefully the humidity passes soon!

  3. “adventure awaits tomorrow..” I’ll think of this
    the next time I’ve overestimated my stamina.
    Thanks, Christine; I still have an adventure
    that awaits me!

  4. I purchased a Life Choice unit and have some comments to make. First I cannot reach anyone but sales people and as soon as I wish to comment …get turned off. The system is not one I would suggest to anyone. I am beginning to think they are a shell bent on making money on all of us who are dealing with breathing issues. Am I off base? Comments welcome.

    • Hi there,

      I really hate it if I have to call someone for help and all I get is a rude person or someone who doesn’t know how to help me. The next step that I would do is ask for the sales person’s supervisor. Did you purchase the Life Choice machine locally? If so, perhaps you could go to the company personally with the machine to explain your problem. When you purchased it, did a respiratory tech come out to your house to show you how to use the machine? If so, can you contact that person? I can not comment one way or the other on the quality of the machine because I have never owned one. I use too much oxygen to use those types of machines unless I used 2 of them together which isn’t something I care to do at this moment in my life. I hope you can get your problem resolved. *hugs*


  5. I am not on O2 yet, but there are days I to go out to the car to go some where, and have second thoughts, because of the heat and humidity, here in Florida. I some times get into the drivers seat and while huffing and puffing to breath I will reevaluate whether or not to go out, or wait until some one can go with me. I once got into the car after visiting a friend in the hospital, and after a walk to get to the car across a hot, humid parking lot, sat there for a few seconds, waiting for the A/C to cool the car off, woke up to a security officer banging on the window. I thank GOD for concerned citizen that alerted security, however I was just fine. I took my BP, and checked my O2 saturation while the officer was with me, I got out of the car for a brief moment just for the officer satisfaction. I feel for you, especially, those that have to lug around a heavy oxygen tank, every where you go.

    • Hi!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Gary, are you sure you don’t need supplemental oxygen during activity? If you’re having this much trouble while walking around with no oxygen, you might want to get an appointment with a Pulmonologist to test you with a pulse oximeter while you are walking. Stay well and take care of yourself… *hugs* ❤

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