For the disabled…

Living On Oxygen for Life


I was out at a doctor’s office and K parked the van in a handicap parking space because I have difficulty walking from the parking lot to the building. It’s a longer than average walk to the doctor’s office compared to walking from a restaurant parking lot… just to give you a comparison. K takes out the wheelchair from the back of the van and puts the legs on and then pushes it to my side of the van for me to hop in my four-wheelin’ ride! Woohoo! Look at me go! Now I don’t always use the wheelchair but I do always use my oxygen. So, when you see me pulling into a handicap parking space and I slap up my handicap placard on my rearview mirror, you would see that I’m obviously disabled in someway. Right? I mean, it’s pretty darn obvious now-a-days with the oxygen canula and all.

However, my “disability” hasn’t always been so obvious. Even though I still had all those internal medical conditions, it wasn’t until just before I quit working that I applied for a handicap placard for my vehicle. I wasn’t using oxygen 24/7 at the time and when I used the placard that I had EVERY right to use, I felt weird about it because I didn’t LOOK obviously handicap. But, do I quit using it and subject my heart to the extra stress from the exertion of walking from a further parking spot? You know me… I’m a rebel! I didn’t care what others could possibly think of me. I did what was right for ME.

Getting a handicap placard isn’t as easy as getting a can of soda from a vending machine. Though, sometimes even that can be a pain in the butt! *bang* *bang* *bang* Give me my soda!!!. It’s not like you walk up to the counter and say, I want a handicap placard. You have to have a doctor approve of it first by filling out paperwork. Yuck! Paperwork! There are temporary placards and permanent placards. Temporary are for those who have temporary ailments that will last a short time.. like a broken leg or toe. A permenant placard is for people who have permanent disabilities on a long term status. Even permanent disabled placards need to be renewed every 5 years.

Before I was able to post this entry on my blog, one of my readers, Nicole, had written an EXCELLENT letter to her newspaper that they published. The letter is titled: Not all disabilities are visible. I think this letter speak of all people who do not have a visible disability but still need a handicap placard. I highly recommend everyone to read it. Nicole… YOU GO GIRL!!! Lots of love to you!

Don’t be afraid to use your handicap placard. You have it for a reason. Use it to help your body.

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4 thoughts on “For the disabled…

  1. Just keep watering those raspberries, Chris. And watch out for the birds. As soon as they start to ripen, net them, if you actually want to taste one!

  2. Hi Christine, I’m new to using Oxygen and just received my disable parking placard too. Thank you for writing about your experience. It is inspiring and encouraging to know that we are not alone. 🙂

    • Hi Kirsten, I’m so happy that you like my post and blog. I hope you are adapting to using oxygen well. It can sometime be a challenge but it offers us a chance to live with more energy and less shortness of breath.


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